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Italian Studies

Applicable for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Advisor: O'RILEY

Minor Requirements

Studies that combine Italian language and literature with history, art, and music. Emphasis can be placed on the Renaissance or on contemporary Italy. Students taking the ACM program in Florence may count four courses in the program toward this minor. The fifth course, in which they write their integrative paper, may be chosen from any of the categories listed below, or may be taken as an independent study, with the approval of the minor advisor and faculty involved. (ACM deadlines: Early admission — October 15; final deadline — March 15.) Five units minimum.

Category One

Students must choose at least two units from the following: IT305, IT306, IT307, IT309, IT315, IT316, IT320.

Category Two

Students must choose at least two units from the following: HY280, HY344, AH211, AH221, AH223, MU207, MU315. 

Category Three

GS221. The integrative paper will be written while fulfilling the on-campus unit requirement. Recommended as the culminating experience is GS221. Otherwise the Integrative Experience is an oral exam, involving two faculty members from different departments, to be given in connection with the last course taken for the minor. Students will relate that course to other work they have done in the minor.

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