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Elementary French ll

This course is designed to build on skills acquired in FR101. In a simulated immersive environment enhanced with texts, audio-visual and internet resources, students will continue to develop competencies in listening, speaking, reading, and writing about self-generated information related to their daily lives and to life in different foreign cultural settings. Students will use language to complete simple tasks in specified Francophone as well as non-Francophone contexts. Prerequisite: FR101 or COI. (We strongly recommend that students take 102 within 8 blocks of 101.) 1 unit. Meets the Language Requirement requirement.

Prerequisite: French 101.

Degree requirement — Language Requirement

1 unit


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Fall 2021 Block 3 Elementary French ll Armstrong Hall 257B 18 / 7 11/15/2021
Fall 2021 Block 4 Elementary French ll Armstrong Hall 326 18 / 2 11/15/2021
Spring 2022 Block 6 Elementary French ll TBA 18 / 18 11/15/2021
Spring 2022 Block 8 Elementary French ll TBA 18 / 18 11/15/2021
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