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Biology of Animals

An introduction to the biology of invertebrate and vertebrate animals. Evolution and functional architecture of animal body plans, patterns of structure and function, survival strategies, principles of animal ecology and evolution, and phylogeny of animal groups examined through lab, discussion, and investigative activities. Meets the Critical Perspectives: Scientific Investigation of the Natural World lab or field requirement.

Prerequisite: Strong high school chemistry highly recommended.

Degree requirement — Critical Perspectives: Lab

1 unit


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Fall 2021 Block 2 Biology of Animals Olin Hall 482 24 / 1 11/15/2021
Fall 2021 Block 4 Biology of Animals Olin Hall 482 24 / 0 11/15/2021
Spring 2022 Block 7 Biology of Animals TBA 24 / 24 11/15/2021
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