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Emily Chan

Associate Dean of Academic Programs & Strategic Initiatives

Emily Chan received her Ph.D. in Social Psychology at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where she worked with Oscar Ybarra and Norbert Schwarz. She came to Colorado College in 2004. Her research interests include stereotype threat, culture and cognition, social cognition, judgment and decision making, and the two fundamental dimensions (warmth and competence) in person and corporate perception.

Associate Dean of Academic Programs and
Strategic Initiatives: 2014-present
Associate Professor of Psychology: 2010-present
Assistant Professor of Psychology: 2004-2010
First Year at Colorado College: 2004

Research Interests

Social Psychology; Interpersonal Perception and Self-Presentation;
Prejudice and Stereotyping; Conflict and Negotiation; Judgment and Decision Making
Evolutionary psychology; Cross-cultural Social Psychology

Representative Publications & Presentations


Ybarra, O., Keller, M.C., Chan, E., Garcia, S. M., Sanchez-Burkes, J., Morrison, K. R., & Baron, A. S. (in press at Social Psychology and Personality Science). Being unpredictable: Friend or foe matters.

Ybarra, O., Chan, E., Park, H., Burnstein, E, Monin, B., &  Stanik, C. (2008). Life's recurring challenges and the fundamental dimensions: An integration and its implications for cultural differences and similarities. European Journal of Social Psychology, 38, DOI: 10.1002/ejsp.559.

Chan, E., Ybarra, O., Park, D. C., Rodriguez, J., & Garcia, J. (2007). Trusting medical authorities: some cognitive aging and social vigilance considerations. In D. C. Park & L. Liu (Eds.) Medical Adherence and Aging: Social and Cognitive Perspectives. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Chan, E., Ybarra, O., & Schwarz, N.  (2006). Reversing the affective congruency effect: The role of target word frequency of occurrence: Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 42, 365-372.


*Lenzen. D., & Chan, E. (2010). The role of collective responsibility in the infrahumanzation of outgroup victims. Society of Personality and Social Psychology Conference, Las Vegas, NV.

*Abeyta, A., Chan. E., & *Bennett, J. (2009). Stereotype threat and social economic status: impact on parenting style. Annual meeting of the Society of Personality and Social Psychology, Tampa, FL.

*Abeyta, A. & Chan, E. (2009). The positive relationship between racial attitudes and campus climate. Rocky Mountain Psychological Association Annual Conference, Albuquerque, NM.

Winterrowd, E., Raymond, K., Biasiolli, A., Bennell, S., Chan, E., & Canetto, S. S. (2009). Gender and ethnicity lessons in elementary science book stories. National Multicultural Conference and Summit, New Orleans, LA.

*Bennett, J., & Chan, E. (2008). Stereotype threat and social economic status. Annual meeting of Society of Personality and Social Psychology, Albuquerque, NM.

Chan, E., *Amundson, K, *Bennett, J, et al. (2008).  Patching up the pipeline: Gender bias in elementary school science teaching materials. Rocky Mountain Psychological Association Annual Conference, Boise, ID

(* CC student co-author)

ESCON2 Expert Meeting

European Social Cognition Network Transfer of Knowledge Conference
October 13th – 16th, 2010, Neuendettelsau, Germany

Regular Classes

PY451 Final Project
Social Cognition
PY309 Social Psychology
PY202 Research Design
PY182 Psychology of Prejudice and Intergroup Relations
PY100 Introduction to Psychology: Bases of Behavior

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