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Elizabeth Moyer ’28, Oakland, Calif., July 17. Elizabeth was a chiropractor who practiced in Oakland for more than 70 years. She studied architecture at Colorado College, later received her bachelor’s degree from the University of California-Berkeley, then attended Oakland Chiropractic College, where she was also an instructor. She advertised her private practice with the slogan, “Keep your feet flat on the floor.”

Archie Hess ’32, Fort Collins, Colo., Feb. 6, 2004. Archie received both his B.A. and M.A. in biology from CC. He continued his studies at Cornell University, earning his Ph.D. in 1939. Archie worked as a malariologist and chief biologist for the Tennessee Valley Authority, a medical entomologist for the U.S. Public Health Service, and a consultant for the World Health Organization. A lover of the outdoors, fly fishing, and hunting, Archie founded the Ginger Quill Ranch Corporation for outdoor family recreation. He was preceded in death by his wife, Libby, and brother, Ray Hess ’35.

Elsie Winship McClure ’32, Colorado Springs, June 8. Elsie graduated from CC with a degree in English. She was a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, Friends of the Library, and the Woman’s Educational Society.

Gertrude Hammer Williams ’33, Fort Collins, Colo., March 8, 2004. Gertrude was a schoolteacher and rancher.

Katharine Templin Bennington ’34, Fountain, Colo., Nov. 2, 2003. Katharine taught elementary school, Sunday school, and piano. She was also the organist for her church and an active member of its women’s organizations.

Belvadene Haselwood Boyd ’34, Manitou Springs, Colo., July 12. Belvadene attended CC as a WES scholar for three semesters. She was a great believer in community service, winning numerous awards for her volunteer efforts. Belvadene was preceded in death by her husband, Guy.

Karlton B . Miller ’35, San Diego, Calif., Aug. 24, 2004. Survivors include his wife, Betty.

Joseph Lowe ’35, University Place, Wash., May 11. Joseph received his B.A. in English from CC, and worked as an editor for more than 40 years in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

Harriett Henke Ford ’36, Springfield, Mo., May 22. Harriet was professor emerita of chemistry at Missouri State University. She received her B.S. from CC and a graduate degree from Iowa State University. She was preceded in death by her husband, Bruce. Survivors include her brother, Louis Henke Jr. ’38, and nephew, Louis Henke III ’70.

Ben Harrison Kirby Jr. ’37, Cogan Station, Pa., June 10. Ben graduated from CC with a B.A. in chemistry, received his M.A. two years later, and earned a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Iowa. Ben served as president of the Fifty Year Club 1990-1992. He was preceded in death by his wife, Marjorie Thompson Kirby ’38. Survivors include his son, James ’72.

George Villars ’37, Banning, Calif., June 1. George received his B.A. in business administration from CC, where he was a class officer and varsity football player. He was preceded in death by his wife, Helen Woodson Villars ’40; his sister-in-law, Cora Woodson Grote ’48; and brother-in-law, William Grote’50.

Ruth Doughty Bitters ’38, Kansas City, Mo., June 14. Ruth was a member of the Delta Gamma sorority and received her B.A. in business and banking. She was preceded in death by her husband, Louis. Survivors include her son, David ’64.

Margaret Wilkins Effinger ’40, Denver, April 25. Margaret was a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and received her B.A. in English. Survivors include her son, daughter, four grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

Betty Boerstler Poyen ’40, Kihei, Hawaii, Dec. 14, 2004. Betty was a mother and a homemaker; she was preceded in death by her husband, John.

Beverly Murphy Young ’40, Mancos, Colo., May 10, 2004. Beverly was a sheep rancher who belonged to several agricultural, civic, and political groups. She was preceded in death by her husband, Harvey.

David Greiner ’41, Colorado Springs, May 14. David received his B.A. in biology from CC, where he was a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity and the varsity track team. He completed graduate work at the University of Colorado medical school, obtaining his M.D. in 1944. David served as a medical officer in the Navy and later established a private practice in gynecology and obstetrics, retiring in 1986. David enjoyed good whiskey, a good cigar (or a bad cigar), and a good joke. He was preceded in death by his wife, Sarah Acker Greiner ’43, and his sister-in-law, Isabel Postlethwaite Greiner ’25. Survivors include his daughter, Wendy Mahncke; son-in-law, Robert B. Mahncke ’69; granddaughter, Kelly E. Mahncke ’99; and niece, Debora Greiner Samaniego ’53.

Helyn Konugres Bebermeyer ’42, Beverly Hills, Calif., May 3. Helyn received her B.A. in business administration from CC, where she was a member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority. Helyn was a member of the international studies and foreign relations department at the University of California- Los Angeles for 37 years. She was a civic leader, serving on numerous boards in her community. Helyn was preceded in death by her husband, Gus. Survivors include her sisters, Angelyn Konugres Coupounas ’46 and Beverly Konugres Bain ’51.

Norwood Donald “Don” Ringsred ’42, Colorado Springs, May 8. Don enjoyed an illustrious hockey career at CC, playing right wing for the Tigers in 1940-42. After a successful advertising career, he retired to Colorado Springs, where he was happy to see his many college friends. Survivors include his wife, Kay, and daughters, Maggie ’80 and Sally.

Clyde L . Scott ’42, Loveland, Colo., Feb. 17. Clyde was on the CC varsity track and basketball teams and was a member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity.

Adeline Ramond Vigelis ’42, Klamath Falls, Ore., June 24, 2004. Adeline worked for many years in San Diego, Calif., as a librarian for the San Diego, National City, and San Ysidro libraries. Survivors include her three daughters and her sister, Renee Ramond Mueller ’50.

William M . Calvert ’44, Colorado Springs, May 19. Bill was a lifelong resident of Colorado Springs. He was a Navy lieutenant during WWII, commanding a PT boat in the South Pacific. He attended law school at the University of Colorado, and practiced law until his election as a 4th district judge, where he served until retirement. Survivors include his sister, Anne Calvert Cross ’45, and cousins Gabriel Mark Duque ’87, Marilyn Marksheffel Duque ’53, and Martha Duque MacEachern ’85. He was preceded in death by his cousins, C. Mark Adams ’44 and Emma L. Adams ’27. His wife, Madalyn, passed away July 7.

Suzanne Spicer Liebmann ’44, San Diego, Calif., June 11, 2004. After attending CC, Suzanne received her B.A. from the University of California- Los Angeles.

Mary Smedley Olson ’44, Santa Ana, Calif., April 29. Mary, a homemaker, was a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority while at CC. Survivors include her husband, Ralph.

William E . Glass Jr. ’47, Beaverton, Ore., Aug. 7. After graduating from CC, William worked for 25 years in Europe in international business and banking. He lived in Geneva, Switzerland, before returning to the U.S. William spoke fondly of his years at CC. Survivors include his wife, Dottie, and his son, William III.

Betty Sturgeon Blum ’50, Lake Wylie, S.C., May 31. Betty received her B.A. in psychology from CC and later obtained a master’s degree in education from James Madison University. Betty was a schoolteacher and librarian who loved her church, teaching, leading, singing in the choir, and developing church libraries. Survivors include her husband, Elbert.

Beverley Roberts Eagleson ’50, San Francisco, Calif., Feb. 27, 2003. After attending CC, Beverley received a B.A. from George Washington University. She was a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority who loved the ocean and the outdoors, walking, art, reading, and activities with friends and family. Survivors include her daughter, Stacey.

Dwight Alan Hamilton ’50, Denver, June 26. Dwight was a prominent attorney and a former state and county Republican party chairman. He played varsity basketball for CC, and was a class officer and member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity. He received his J.D. from the University of Denver, and was awarded a Purple Heart during the Korean War. Survivors include his wife, Elizabeth; son, Dwight ’81; and daughter-in-law, Sarah Sisk-Hamilton ’80.

Carol Grismer Ward ’50, Arden, N.C., March 20. Carol received her B.A. in psychology and was a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. She is survived by her husband, Philip.

Myrna Blakely McMurtry ’51, Colorado Springs, Nov. 25, 2004. A long-time Colorado Springs resident, Myrna also worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in New Mexico and Oregon before returning to Colorado in 1991. Myrna was preceded in death by her father, CC psychology Professor William A. Blakely; her brothers, Maurice ’44 and Warren ’42 Blakely; and her sister-in-law, Janice Bushman Blakely ’42. Survivors include her sister-in-law, Shirley Woolfenden Blakely ’49, and nephew, Frank Blakely ’73.

James Ward ’51, Mountville, Pa., June 29. James served in the U.S. Marine Corps during WWII. He subsequently enrolled at CC, where he played varsity football and was a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. James received his B.S. in geology. Survivors include his wife, Claire.

Robert Cook Jr . ’52, Cottage Grove, Ore., May 8. Robert attended CC as a graduate student in the music department before being called into active duty during WWII. He returned to study physics after the war. Robert worked as a broadcast engineer and consultant. He was also an inventor, builder, astrologer, and dreamer. He was preceded in death by his wife, Doris.

Suzanne Royce O’Connor ’52, Polson, Mont., July 6. Suzanne received her B.A. in sociology at CC, where she was a member of the Delta Gamma sorority. She enjoyed golf and playing bridge. Survivors include her husband, Charles ’53; her daughter, Laura O’Connor Pickett ’80; and her son, Scott.

Jean Pringle Starrak ’52, Victoria, Texas, July 9. Jean attended two semesters at CC. She was a devoted wife, homemaker, and mother. Survivors include her brother, Robert J. Pringle ’49; sister-in-law Elizabeth J. Pringle ’47; nephew, Robert W. Pringle ’72; and niece, Ruth Pringle Rogers ’79.

James Eugene Swank ’52, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Sept. 2. Gene graduated from CC with a degree in business administration. He was a brother in the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, varsity football player, and member of the 1950 Hall of Fame football team. Gene served in the U.S. Marine Corps after college and later worked in sales and advertising. He was an avid golfer and sports fan, continuing to support CC athletics throughout his life. Survivors include his daughter, Susan.

Robert Betram Audiss Jr . ’55, Litchfield Park, Ariz., Feb. 20, 2004. Survivors include his wife, Linda.

Robert Lewis Evans ’56, Grand Junction, Colo., April 19. Robert received his B.A. in psychology from CC.

Helen Adams Tucker ’56, San Rafael, Calif., Aug. 3. Helen was a teacher, counselor, poet, dog trainer, cook, musician, and a loyal friend. She loved the high Sierras, where she worked for several years in Yosemite National Park. She is survived by her four children.

Richard Evans III ’57, Tucson, Ariz., June 3. Richard was a pediatric allergist, receiving his B.S. in chemistry from CC, M.D. from the University of Colorado-Boulder, and M.P.H. from Johns Hopkins University. He served in the U.S. Army Medical Corps, was on the faculty at Johns Hopkins, and was a professor emeritus of pediatrics at Northwestern. Survivors include his wife, Mariita.

Robert Bertolotti ’59, Englewood, Colo., May 9. Robert worked as a homebuilder for more than 30 years. Survivors include his three children.

Bert Kinney ’61, Colorado Springs, April 23. Bert was 40 years old when he enrolled at CC to pursue his B.A. in education. Upon graduation, he began a teaching career, which grew into his life’s passion. Although Bert retired in 1981, he soon accepted a position to teach G.E.D. courses on board ships for the U.S. Navy. He eventually retired again and moved back to Colorado. Bert was preceded in death by his wife, Vera. Survivors include his son, Kevin ’76.

Harold Reynolds ’64, Lakewood, Wash., Oct. 25, 2004. Harold had a distinguished 33-year career as a fighter pilot. Survivors include his wife, Theresa.

Robert Edmiston ’65, Hagerstown, Md., May 4, 2004. Robert was a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. He graduated from Wichita State University with a B.S. in business and an M.S. in economics. Survivors include his five children.

Linda Brown Nunemaker ’70, Rose Hill, Kan., March 4. Linda graduated magna cum laude from CC with a degree in Spanish. Proficient in several languages, she worked for Cessna as a translator and secretary. Survivors include her husband, Terry.

Robert Sharples Niss ’71, Peterborough, N.H., Aug. 4. Robert came from a long line of writers and historians. He wrote a column in the Maine Sunday Telegram, and was the recipient of numerous state and regional journalism awards. Survivors include his father, William; his two sons, Joshua and Matthew; and his cousin, Jefferson Frantz ’94.

Patricia Frasca Sertich ’74, Roseville, Minn., May 21. Patty was a loving wife and mother who spent her last months traveling the country to watch her sons play hockey for CC. Survivors include her husband, Steve ’74; daughter, Sara Sertich Trembath; sons, Marty ’06 and Mike ’07; and brothers Anthony J. Frasca III ’76 and Michael E. Frasca ’78. Patty was preceded in death by her father, Anthony J. Frasca ’52.

Richard Pracht ’79, Sartell, Minn., Aug. 9. Richard was a history major and varsity hockey player at CC. He also enjoyed golf and fishing. Rick was a sales manager at William Hahn Tool Company. Survivors include his wife, Darlene.

Wayne Van Tilburg ’80, Colorado Springs, Aug. 3. A loving father and husband, Wayne enjoyed camping, skiing, and sailing with his family. He received his B.A. in business administration from CC and worked as a senior software developer at CQG in Denver. Survivors include his wife, Constance Laquer Van Tilburg ’79, and three sons.

David Preston ’99, Thornton, Colo., June 18. David received a B.A. in economics from CC, graduating with honors. He was a paraprofessional in the economics department for two years after graduation, later moving to Denver to work as a financial analyst. Survivors include his parents, Georgene and David, and his cousin, Mary Lynne Cribari-White ’83.


John Birkbeck Bunker, Wheatland, Wyo., May 26. John served on the Board of Trustees at CC from 1973, achieving trustee emeritus status in 1994. He also taught business and environmental ethics as an executive-in-residence at the college. John graduated from Yale University in 1950, after enlisting in the Army during WWII. He was the fourth generation of his family to be involved in the sugar industry, ultimately serving as president and CEO of Holly Sugar and California-Hawaii Sugar. In 1988, he was named “Sugar Man of the Year.” John enjoyed ranching and spending time with his grandchildren. Survivors include his wife, Emma, and daughters, Emma ’77 and Jeanie ’79.

Robert E . Cowen, Knoxville, Tenn., June 4. Robert served as executive director of development at CC, beginning in 1979. He held numerous other positions in the field of higher education, including president of Sterling College and director of development at Kenyon College. Bob retired in 1989. Survivors include his wife, Beverly; daughters, Robin Greeley and Susan Coleman; and sons, David ’77 and Daniel ’84.

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