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  Births & Adoptions

1986 – Laura Hirschfield and husband Sayres Rudy, a daughter, Remy Alexa, Seattle, 6/8/05

1988 – Max and Morgan Imhoff ’90 Turner,twins, Emilyann and Victoria, Denver, 3/21/05

1989 – Gail Thoms Kozeliski and husband Brian, a daughter, Anke Merckx Afi, Rochester, Mich., 6/17/05

1989 – Marron Lee and husband Michael Nelson, a daughter, Iona Ann, Albuquerque, N.M., 11/2/04

1990 – Juliette Jack Banerjee and husband Somak, a son, Orion Anand, Derwood, Md., 1/27/05

1990 – Sarah Voorhees and husband Michael Turpin, a son, Jackson Vernon Turpin, San Jose, Calif., 9/27/04

1991 – Tammy Gravenhorst Berberi and husband Viktor, a son, Henry Allen, Fergus Falls, Minn., 3/7/05

1993 – Kelley Yost Abrams and husband Craig, a son, Zachary Michael, Los Altos, Calif., 5/4/05

1993 – Jennifer Webster-Valant and Jason Valant, a son, Tanner Slade, Colorado Springs, 2/18/05

1994 – Mike and Merritt Miller ’95 Kazda,a son, Samuel James, Fort Worth, Texas, 3/21/05

1994 – Alek Orloff and wife Laura, a son, Griffith Monford, 4/21/05

1995 – Sasha Dietschi-Cooper and Sarah Ellison, a daughter, Elodie Lucia Dietschi, Seattle, 5/16/05

1995 – Daniele Richardson Tobey and husband Andrew, a daughter, Aurora Eleanor, Colorado Springs, 12/27/04

1996 – Jack Denman and wife Rae, a son, Frederick Charles, Denver, 6/3/05

1996 – Annie Dent Metheny and husband Michael, a son, Ryan Michael, Glenwood Springs, Colo., 4/5/05

1996 – Laura Carr Scales and husband Andrew, a son, Charlie Elliot, Seattle, 8/2/05

1996 – Dave Suchman and wife Kelly, a son, Jacob Lawrence, Lees Summit, Mo., 6/9/05

1997 – Nicole King Coons and husband Andrew, a son, Adam Michael, Santa Fe, N.M., 3/11/04

1999 – Kelly Morgan Deters and husband Luke, a daughter, Shana Kathryn, Topeka, Kan., 6/10/05

1999 – Erin Michelson Thiem and Dan Thiem, a son, Benjamin Taylor, Dunedin, New Zealand, 7/2/05

2000 – Nina Stavina Ambruso and husband Dan, a daughter, Anna, Denver, 4/23/05

2000 – Michelle and Ramon Gabrieloff-Parish,a son, Olmeca Aaron, Silverthorne, Colo., 12/3/04

2001 – Lauren Carpenter Fisher and husband Erik, a son, Andrew Bryan, Seattle, 6/5/05

2002 – Annie Gauthier Dumont and husband Denis, a son, Hugo Christoffer, Montreal, Quebec, 7/27/05

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