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MARCH 2003

President's Page

CC President Richard Celeste gives his thoughts after half a year on the job. Go to the President's Page.


Excellence X 3
By Anne Christensen
Three CC alumnae are included in Discover magazine's "Top 50 Most Important Women in Science." What caused these women to bloom first in CC's pastures of high achievers, then later in such disparate fields? Click here to read more.

The Watson Fellowship Program: Fuel for CC's Dream Chasers
By Lisa Ellis '82
Norv Brasch '78 spent his Watson Fellowship year searching out sights of scientific interests in Europe. Today Brasch is executive director of The Thomas J. Watson Fellowship Program searching for extraordinary students with extraordinary promise. Click here to read more.

Buntport Theater's Mad Geniuses
By Leslie Weddell
What do you call a theater company that turns a brutal tragedy by Shakespeare into a musical parody, puts headphones on its audience, and produces "Donner: A Documentary," which documents not the ill-fated emigrant party but a reindeer disgruntled with corporate lief at the North Pole, Inc.? You call it Buntport Theater. Click here to read more.

Hands-on Education Helps Meet Community Needs at CC
By Jennifer Kulier
Click here to read about community-based learning.

Students Experience International Living on Campus
By Maggie Davis '03 and Mary Ellen Davis '73
Click here to read about CC's foreign language houses.

Alumni Profiles

Click here to read profiles of:
Molly Loomis '00 and Melis Coady '99
Thom Shanker '78
Lori Garver '83
Taa Dixon '94
Katie Sieben '99, Diana DeGette '79, and Ken Salazar '77


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