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President's Page
By Kathryn Mohrman
When visitors ask if we are preparing to grow larger, I respond, "Not bigger - but we intend to get even better."


Center Stage for the Arts
By Karrie Williams
CC faculty share their thoughts on the Cornerstone Arts Center.

A Force of Nature
By Ben Trissel '89
A portrait of the artist, Jim Trissel, as painted by his son

Molecular Snapshots of the Past
By Robert Hill
Summer students examine DNA sequences with biology Professor Ralph Bertrand.

All in the Family
By Robert Hoag Rawlings '47
How many generations can one alumnus trace from the CC family tree?

Happy Trails
By Henry Shires '82
An alumnus walks a 2,658-mile trail joining three states and three countries.

Mind Game
By Robert Hill
Discovering the link betweeen human behavior and the action on the field

Lifelong Learning for All of Us
By Ed Goldstein '79
The National Alumni Council president urges alumni to keep strengtheniing their ties to the college.


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