The Colorado College Bulletin

Summer 1998

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Dwelling Among the Wonders and Mysteries of Life
By Melissa Walker '72
Living in a geologist's paradise at the foot of Pikes Peak, an alumna tracks down a Camptosaurus fossil skull unearthed in our backyard more than a century ago. Thanks in part to her tenacity, the Garden of the Gods visitors center now has a cast of this terrific find for all to see.

The Challenges Confronting Language Education
By Robert Hill
While 65 percent of this year's CC graduates have at least one foreign language class on their transcript, difficulties remain in encouraging students across the curriculum to recognize the importance of language study. How are recent language requirement discussions progressing?

Memoir of a Myth: From Lorca to La Llorona
By Rahel Butah '97
Entranced by the legend of La Llorona (The Weeping Woman), a student and her faculty mentor stage a rendition that packs theatres throughout the region.

Players a Big Hit With Youngsters
By Michelle Moya
What began as a search for ballgirls to help out at Colorado College women's basketball games has grown into one of the most innovative programs changing the face of education in Colorado Springs.


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Cover Photograph: Alan Flinn imitates Saul Steinberg's now classic map of the U.S. as seen by a New Yorker. (A full-sized cover is available.)

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