The Colorado College Bulletin

Fall 1997

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Home Slick Home
By Dave Moross
"Everyone connected with the program - from head coach Don Lucia and his staff to players, fans and school administrators alike - is ready for a change."

The Little CC
By Molly Wingate and Judy Lewallen
"In a historic house on the corner of Yampa and Nevada, center staff sing and dance, cuddle rock, stack blocks, paste, and read to the children of employees, students and alumni of CC."

The Love of Learning
By Timothy Fuller
"Without minimizing the dangers, Oakeshott argues that the greatest safeguard for liberal learning is to have a clear idea of what it is about so as not to be distracted by immediate fashion and self-appointed prophets."

Playful Revealing and Concealing in Asian Art and Culture: India, China and Japan
by Jane Cauvel
"Often when we approach works of art that are unfamiliar, we either impose our own categories of judgement or reject them as alien and inaccessible, instead of regarding them as an entry into the vibrant and confusing world of the art work themselves"

Calling Another Country Home
By Jenny Langenbach '98
"For most of us, living abroad and gaining perspective on our own country, culture and lifestyle have been the most valuable experiences of our lives. We have each called another country 'home' and developed the instincts to do so."

Golden Eggs: Under the Rule of Communist Law
By Vera Leigh Fennell
"How will the rule of Communist law alter Hong Kong's political culture?"

CC Hosts ASIANetwork
"Since 1994, Colorado College has hosted the administration of the ASIANetwork, a consortium of 100 liberal arts colleges and universities."

Farewell Tom K. 1934-97
By Susan Ashley
"Students delighted in his general irreverence and his down-to-earth ways. If he wasn't in his office, he could often be found at the pinball machines in Rastall Center."


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Cover Illustration: Two of four hanging scrolls from the early Edo period, 17th century. Courtesty of the Kimiko and John Powers Collection, Harvard University Art Museums. (A full-sized cover is available.)

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