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President's Page
By Kathryn Mohrman
"I often picture a liberal arts education as a spider's web -- an intricate weave of academic rigor, creative pursuit, community engagement and appreciation for the world."


CC Under the Sea
By Rebecca Brant
CC grads live out their watery dreams.

Steep, Deep and Deadly
Three inspirational stories of courageous grads in avalanches

Professors in Love with Shakespeare
By Leslie Weddell
The Bard is back on the big screen and in the classroom.

New Kids on the Block Plan
By Rebecca Brant
The New Kids on the Block Plan say goodbye.

No Ivory Tower
By Lief Carter
Behind the Scenes at the 125th Symposium

Living a Dream
By Robert Hill
Scholars travel the world.

We'll Always Remember that Smile
By Dick Hilt
Ed Langer, an inspirational professor, is remembered.

In the Eye of the Storm
By Lani Carroll Hinkle '83
1977 grad's adventures in Washington, D.C.


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