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JULY 2002

President's Page

Kathryn Mohrman Says zŠi jiŠn, Professor Robert Loevy looks back at Mohrman's tenure, and see a timeline of the Mohrman Years. Richard F. Celeste, former governor of Ohio and ambassador to India, was elected 12th president of Colorado College in May. Go to the President's Page.


The Mosquito
By Anne Christensen
Poetry prepared him to write 300+ technical papers, history showed him how to peer into the future and music taught him logic, says parasitologist and global health researcher Andrew Spielman '52. Click here to read about Spielman's definitive study of the mosquito.

43 Summers of Dance
By Mark Arnest
Hanya Holm's summer dance programs at CC fueled her creative processes and opened her mind to the American aesthetic, says Claudia Gitelman in a new memoir of those years. Click here to read about how Hanya Holm brought poetry to Colorado College.

Sharing the Air
By Eric Beteille
James Butler '80 wants to help share the future of hassle-free airplane travel. Is that possible? Click here to read about how James Butler '80 navigates the highly political and scientific world of fractional aircraft ownership.


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