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Web Author Community

Welcome to the web author community at Colorado College!  If you manage content for CC websites, this is your source for information, training, tip sheets, and the opportunity to discuss issues and ask questions of other CC web authors.

Upcoming Event

Tech Tuesday: Using SiteImprove

3:00pm WES room on November 7, 2017

SiteImprove Analytics is a tool that monitors and analyzes CC website data to help web authors prioritize pages that can improve their user-friendliness. This Tech Tuesday will go over using SiteImprove Analytics to answer questions like: Which pages get the most and least user traffic? What are the most common paths that people take to land on a desired page? How navigable is your site? We will also go over using SiteImprove Quality Assurance to find where broken links, misspellings, and accessibility issues are located.

Latest How-To Tip:

If you are seeing an error message that says "You don't have permissions to save this content" check that you have filled out the title and the folder/host for your new piece of content.

The title should read something like:

For Departments:
academics - dept - your department - the page you're on - a description of the new content

For Offices:
offices - your office -  the page you're on - a description of the new content

For Other:
other - your other - the page you're on - a description of the new content 

Folder/Host:  Should be the name of your top level folder.  

For Departments:
Something like - "Geology" 

For Offices:
Something like - "Butler Center"

For Other:
Something like - "Honor Council"