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Dates, Deadlines & To-dos

So that we can be best prepared for your arrival to campus, there are several forms and tasks that you need to complete over the summer. The checklist below is a general outline of dates and deadlines for incoming students for the 2020 - 2021 Academic Year. Please know we are keeping a close eye on the COVID-19 situation and any potential implications for summer enrollment items and on-campus orientation. Regardless of the format of Fall 2020, these forms are still required so we can be prepared to welcome you to the CC community.

Most New Student Forms will be made available in late May or early June once students receive their CC log-in credentials and will be linked in the checklist below; should forms not be available until a later date, that will be indicated with a "coming soon" below and a "new!" once they have been made available.

If you are participating in a program that requires early arrival, such as the Bridge Program, International Student Orientation, or pre-season Athletics, please reference the Information for Early & Delayed Arrivals section of this page and check with program administrators as some items may have different, specifically earlier, due dates.

While summer schedules can prove challenging, we encourage all students to make their best effort to complete these forms on their own as no one knows you better than you know yourself. Allowing your parent, friend, or a family member to complete these forms on your behalf can lead to roommate mismatches and First Year Experience course surprises. Should you be unable to complete a form by the due date, please contact the appropriate office in advance of the deadline to make necessary arrangements for form submission; notifying us after the deadline has passed may mean we are unable to accommodate your requests.

2020 - 2021 Enrollment Checklist*

"Who Completes This Form?" Key

  • All Students includes all first-year, transfer, and exchange students unless otherwise indicated with an * and additional information is provided in the explanation box.
  • First-Year Students means all first-year students enrolling in the 2020-2021 academic year, including Winter Start students, unless otherwise indicated with an * and additional information is provided in the explanation box.
  • Students approved for a gap year, thus enrolling in the 2021-2022 school year, should wait to complete enrollment forms during the summer before they begin class at CC.
  • Winter Start Students should submit their enrollment forms according to the deadlines below unless otherwise indicated in the "explanation" and "who completes this form" columns. Winter Start Transfer Students will receive their own accelerated checklist once they have committed to attending CC in December 2020.

* updated July 13, 2020; Please Note: some of our enrollment processes and timelines are being impacted by COVID-19 planning for fall as we work to welcome new students back to campus in August for a modified in-person, NSO Program. We thank you for your patience and flexibility as we plan ahead for a fall that will be different than previous years in an effort to prioritize your health and safety.

Form Explanation Who completes this form?
By June 30 Address Update Let us know where to send your Common Read and emails this summer. This form is available within your Admission Portal using your admission log-in credentials (not your CC credentials). Students using email or physical mailing addresses that will expire or change over the summer
Final Transcript This is the last requirement of your application for admission and will be reviewed by the admission staff; so be sure to keep up the good work and maintain positive academic progress. All Students (except exchange students)
Advising Questionnaire & CC 100/120 Course Interest

First years spend their first two blocks at CC immersed in a pair of fast-paced, thought-intensive courses typical of the Block Plan. On this form, first year students will submit information that helps inform their CC 100/120 placements as well as their summer conversations with staff advisors. This form will be available within your Admission Portal using your admission log-in credentials (not your CC credentials).

While the Advising/CC100 form will remain open until June 30, we encourage you to complete this form by June 15 if possible as staff advisors will begin reaching out to schedule summer advising appointments via your CC email address in mid-June. In advance of your advising appointments, students planning on enrolling in math classes, majoring in subjects with math prerequisites/requirements (such as mathematics, the sciences, or economics) are encouraged to take the Math Self-Assessment in advance of their advising appointment.

*Transfer students should also complete this form so their advisors are best able to assist you in your transition to CC.

All Students (except exchange students)*
Complete the Math Self-Assessment

All incoming students will have the opportunity to take a Math Self-Assessment. We encourage you to take this assessment because it will help you decide on appropriate classes and support your success during the fall semester. It is not a placement test and takes about 60-90 minutes. You may take the self-assessment twice. Your best score will be shared with your advisor. Advising is scheduled to begin June 15 and you are encouraged to complete this assessment in advance of June 30, but the ALEKS platform will remain open past June 30.

Information about registering for the math self-assessment will be sent to your CC email in the Academics Newsletter.

First-Year Students planning on majoring in subjects with math prerequisites or requirements (such as mathematics, the sciences, or economics)
Priddy Experience Registration Tell us more about your interests so we can place you on the appropriate Priddy Experience. This form is located within Summit and requires your CC log-in credentials. All Students
Housing Agreement & Roommate Preference Form

Agree to the terms of the Housing Agreement, tell us about your study and sleeping habits, as well as your residential community preferences. This will help us select a roommate for you with compatible preferences. If you have identified a roommate already, you can enter their CCID and create an instant roommate match if they also enter your CCID. If you will be under 18 on July 1, you will need to print out the agreement paper form so a parent can sign and email or fax it to us.

This form is located within Banner and requires your CC log-in credentials; once you have logged on to Banner, select "Student," then scroll down to and select "Housing," to access and compete both forms. Please note: Not completing this form by the deadline will result in a delay in your housing assignment process.

All Students
Accessibility Resources Request (optional)

Accessibility Resources is ready to help you make the most of your CC experience, but you must initiate the process. Please start by contacting our office to set up a time to talk with a staff member about your request for support services (e.g., extended time for exams, note-taking support, accessible formats of text, housing accommodations). Additionally, you will need to complete the Request for Accommodations and Services online form and provide documentation of disability, if applicable. More information can be found on the Registering for Services page.

Students requesting accommodations

Online Education & Prevention Modules

We strive to create a socially responsible and responsive community which is why we require all new students to complete these online courses to think about the unique challenges and responsibilities of college life.

Please allow 1 hour to complete the Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates course and 1.5 hours for AlcoholEdu. You will be able to save your progress in Everfi and revisit these courses at your leisure. You will receive an email from Everfi about how to access this course in late May/early June to your CC email address; if you cannot find it, be sure to check your junk email folder.

The June 30 completion deadline may be extended for students who receive their CC credentials after June 1st. Students who received their CC credentials on Tuesday, May 26, must complete these modules by the original deadline.

*Winter Starts will be enrolled to complete these courses in December.

All Students*

Student Interest Inventory

This is your opportunity to let us know what you are looking forward to getting involved in outside of the classroom as well as other information about yourself we wouldn't know otherwise. This form is available within your Admission Portal on your Enrollment Checklist using your admission log-in credentials (not your CC credentials). All Students
Form Explanation Who completes this form?
By July 12 Residency Form/Gap Year Request (updated!) First-year and transfer students are invited to be on-campus and in residency for Block 1. As some students may opt to complete block 1 remotely regardless of this decision, we created a new survey for students to indicate their residency preferences for Blocks 1 & 2. Please note that if you choose not to attend in person, you are still guaranteed a spot in one of the Fall CC100/120 courses that will be taught fully online.

If on-campus and distance learning options will not suit your needs, you may submit a gap year or gap semester request by July 12. The Admission Committee will review those requests on a case-by-case basis and will respond the week of July 13-17.
All Students
Form Explanation Who completes this form?
by July 30 Immunization Records

An important part of our efforts to ensure a safe and healthy environment for everyone in the CC community is documenting immunizations and certain health information. Therefore, all incoming students are required to provide a Colorado Certificate of Immunization and complete the Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire prior to move-in. Forms should be submitted via the admission portal; once submitted, they are reviewed by the Health Center Staff. Should you have incomplete immunization forms, your name tag will be flagged at check-in and you will be directed to the Student Health Center to complete this process. Please note: The Student Health Center will not accept forms via fax, please scan or take a clear photograph of your records and upload them through your applicant portal.

*Varsity Athletes: Please note you have additional health forms you need to complete. Please make sure to have extra copies of your immunizations.

All Students*

Pre-Registration Advising Meeting (New!)

Complete your July meeting with your staff advisor to discuss scheduling for Blocks 3 & 4 as well as look ahead to spring. Please plan ahead to allow ample time for scheduling this meeting with your advisor as appointments are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Meetings will begin on July 6 but can be scheduled with your advisor beginning in mid-June; your staff advisor will have emailed you at your CC email address in mid-June to get to know you and begin the two part advising process.

All Students*
Student Health Insurance Enrollment or Waiver (updated 2020-2021 registration info!)

All Students are required to either enroll in student health insurance or submit proof of insurance to have this requirement waived. The enrollment and waiver process begins on July 1st, but students will not be able to access the system until they have been assigned to their CC100/120 classes in mid-July; this process takes about 5 minutes to complete. In order to receive the most accurate fall semester billing statement on August 11th, and be able to pay your correct bill amount by the due date, you are still encouraged to complete this process by July 30th.

*Winter Starts do not need to enroll in SHIP until the spring enrollment period.

All Students*
Tuition Billing Account Set-up

First semester bills will be available online August 11, 2020. In order to view your semester bill and pay your bill online you will need to sign into our online billing site and accept the financial obligations of the college by July 30th. Fall Semester balances are due September 8, 2020. Families must adhere to the fall semester billing due date. No billing extensions are allowed. For more billing information, please visit our webpage.

*Winter Starts can set up their accounts now but will not receive a bill until January.

All Students*
Gold Card ID Photo Upload Your Gold Card is how you access your residence hall, eat in the cafeteria, get tickets to campus events, etc. In advance of NSO, you are required to upload your picture in advance. Select "Student/Staff Log-in" on the navigation menu in order to log-in with your CC credentials and complete your "Photo Upload." Be sure to follow the instructions for your picture selection so that your submission will be accepted. All Students
Loan Entrance Counseling & Mastery Promissory note (if applicable) All students borrowing for the first time at Colorado College are required to complete "Entrance Counseling." Students must complete counseling for each type of loan they are borrowing before the first disbursement of their loans can be credited to student accounts. Additionally, students must complete a Master Promissory Note for Federal Direct Stafford Loans. The Master Promissory Note enables the student to sign only one promissory note for all Stafford Loans while at Colorado College. Student Receiving Financial Aid Packages with Loans
Form Explanation Who completes this form?
By August 17 (updated!) Complete the Common Read You will receive a copy of the book in June; you will discuss concepts of the book during NSO and your FYE which why it is important you complete the reading in advance of NSO. First-Year & Exchange Students
Review the Student Honor & Community Standards Pathfinder "The Pathfinder" encompasses many aspects of campus life for students and clarifies the expectation that students will always exemplify these values in their behavior. All Students
Participate in 2 Choose Your Own Adventure Sessions (Updated!)

To maximize your CC experience, you are encouraged to attend at least two (2) "Choose Your Own Adventure" sessions. 2020 Sessions are now posted and taking place now! Most Choose Your Own Adventure sessions will be offered online between July 1 - August 11, with some sessions that allow for proper social distancing and can be conducted outside being offered on-campus during NSO.

*Winter Starts Students do not need to register for these sessions over the summer. but are welcome to participate if they so choose.

All Students*
Pre-Orientation Online Modules In order to make you aware of campus resources, expectations and protocols in advance of NSO, some of the NSO content will be delivered via our learning management system, Canvas. These modules will share information on campus policies and procedures and support resources, as well as our Community Expectations around COVID-19. You are able to take the quizzes multiple times and should score at least 80% on each quiz to get credit for completing the module. All Students

In early August, we will let you know the following:

  • CC100 & CC120 Assignments,
  • Advisor Name,
  • Priddy Experience Trip Type,
  • Residence Hall Room & Roommate Assignment, &
  • Worner Mail Box Number.

Students attending Winter Start Orientation and/or participating in Fall Start Away should complete their forms according to this summer timeline, unless otherwise noted, but will not receive their assignments until later in the fall.

Last updated: 12/17/2020