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Choose Your Own Adventure Conference Sessions

The NSO schedule takes inspiration from the Block Plan and will give you a taste of a "typical" class day; required sessions are offered each morning and the afternoon is open for you to choose your own adventure — explore campus, get to know resources, and prepare for the semester ahead.

To maximize your CC experience, you are encouraged to attend at least two (2) "Choose Your Own Adventure" sessions in addition to meeting with your advisor. 

Below are the titles and descriptions of the 2019 conference style sessions. For planning purposes, students will be asked to pre-register for these sessions once the 2020 session list and registration process becomes available. 

2019 Registration Process:

1) Review session descriptions below, making a list of 8 - 10 sessions you are interested in attending. 

2) Create an account using your CC log-in credentials within the registration platform. Click "next" to advance through the registration process.

3) Choose at least 2 sessions, and no more than 4, to attend during NSO. Sign-up is first come, first served. Should the sessions you want to attend already be full (indicated below SESSION FULL), check out what else is being offered and register for other sessions. No wait list will be kept for full sessions but you are welcome to show up and be on standby to attend another session on a space available basis based on seats in the room and facilitators capacity to support a larger session. Students who attend more than two required sessions will be entered into a drawing for prizes.  

4) Submit your registration. You should receive a confirmation email shortly after registration.

5) Save the date! Put these sessions in your calendar; be sure to reference this page for the location. 

6) Attend these sessions during NSO! Be sure to bring your ID card with you to get credit for attendance. 

Students who registered by 10 am on Saturday, August 17, can pick up their session information at the Campus Activities Resource Fair Table on Sunday, August 18th from 12 - 12 pm or by stopping in at the Worner Desk. Students who registered after 10 am on Saturday, August 17, can email for more information. 

2019 Choose Your Own Adventure Sessions

2020 Sessions will become available in July. 

BADASS Training 

Be Aware. Decide to Act. Say Something. Participate in our 2-hours active bystander intervention training, become a certified BADASS, and be an active part in creating a safe and inclusive campus community. Participants will learn to identify identity-based violence and signs and symptoms of mental distress, how to overcome barriers to intervention, and specific intervention strategiesPresented by the Wellness Resource Center.  

When and Where:  

SESSION FULL: College Success 101 

What is the classroom culture like at CC? What do you want to learn in your FYE? How are you going to prepare to engage in class? What strategies will help you be successful? In this interactive session, you will explore these questions with other new students, current students, and academic support staff. Presented by the Colket Center for Academic Excellence. 

When and Where: 

SESSION FULL: Community-Based Organization (CBO) Bike Tour 

Take a bike tour of local non-profits, with scheduled "pit stops" at local community-based organizations, as well as government agencies if they have opportunities for students to engage, to learn about their missions and how students can get involved. Presented by the Collaborative for Community Engagement.  

When and Where:  

Community Engaged Scholars Information Session 

Find out more about the Community Engaged Scholars program, the primary gateway into intentional community-engaged work. The Community Engaged Scholars Program develops and supports students' commitment to and capacity for sustained, informed, and deliberate community engagement. Only students who have registered by Sunday, 8/18/19 will be accepted. Presented by the Collaborative for Community Engagement. 

When and Where:  

Competitive Video Gaming (Esports) Program  

Check out the CC esports lab and get an introduction to competitive video gaming at CC and how you might be part of the community as a player, aspiring player, staff member, or casual gamer. Presented by the Esports Program.  

When and Where: 

COS: Then and Now 

This interactive session will help you gain a "sense of place" by learning more about the city where you will live and play for the next 4 years.  The goal would be to mix history with understanding Colorado Springs now, including some of our most pressing issues. Presented by the Collaborative for Community Engagement. 

When and Where: 

Dialoguing Across Differences 

In this session, students will learn strategies to dialogue productively regarding topics that evoke differences in understanding. Presented by the Butler Center.  

When and Where: 

SESSION FULL: Downtown Tour 

Join the Collaborative for Community Engagement on a walking tour of Downtown Colorado Springs. Find your sense of place in Colorado Springs by exploring the newest sculptures, murals, and art bringing life to Downtown COS!  Only students who have registered by Tuesday, August 20 will be accepted. Presented by the Collaborative for Community Engagement. 

When and Where: 

SESSION FULL: Exploring Inclusivity in Outdoor CultureHow to Get Involved in Outdoor Education 

The outdoor experience is for EVERYONE to explore in whichever way they find the most comfortable; here at CC, Outdoor Education is committed to providing a variety of unique opportunities and adventures! Join this session to learn all about Outdoor Education's campus facilities, job opportunities, outdoor trip experiences, and how to strive to redefine our outdoor culture to include every student! Presented by the Office of Outdoor Education.  

When and Where: 

Exploring Innovation & Creativity at Colorado College 

Innovation at CC offers curricular and co-curricular programs that allow students opportunities to flex their creativity, practice confronting ambiguity, learn about the world of entrepreneurship, and engage in mindfulness and other self-reflective practices. During this session, we invite incoming students to engage in sample creativity-building exercises; tour the building; learn about the Big Idea and the Changemaker Workshop series; and talk informally with Innovation staff. Participants may drop in at any time during the session and stay for as long as they wish! Presented by Innovation at CC.  

When and Where:  

Financial Aid 101 

Learn about applying, and reapplying, for financial aid, what counts as an educational expense (Cost of attendance that can be covered versus things that can’t be), loans, taxes, etc. and have all your other financial aid questions answered. Presented by the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment. 

When and Where: 

SESSION FULL: Financial Management in College 

Learn about best practices in budgeting, saving, and spending money in college. Come with questions! Presented by the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment. 

When and Where: 

SESSION FULL: Get to know the AFP Fitness Center 

Go on a quick tour of the fitness center, learn basic gym etiquette/rules, and hear about what fitness programs are available (individualized workout plans, group classes, etc.). Presented by Campus Recreation.  

When and Where: 

Getting Involved: Student Leadership at CC 

Learn about opportunities to get involved in student organization, Greek Life, leadership positions, on campus and in the community, and more from our engaged student panelist. Presented by the Office of Campus Activities.  

When and Where: 

SESSION FULLGetting to Know Campus Recreation 

Looking for a little athletic competition? A fun social outlet? A flexible on-campus job?  A place to decompress? Those are a few reasons the campus community participates in the programs and utilizes the spaces that Campus Recreation offers. Come learn more about club sports, intramurals, and the fitness center to find your 'why'.   

When and Where:  

Introduction to Athletics 

Imagine and start to experience all that the Colorado College Athletics Department has to offer! From exciting game day entertainment, school spirit and more - we will share all the information you need to know about #TigerPride and #CCTigers Athletics! Have the opportunity to meet our new Vice President and Director of Athletics Lesley Irvine and Tiger Head Coaches. Presented by the Athletics Department.  

When and Where: 

Introduction to Spiritual Life 

Learn about the many ways to engage with the diverse and inclusive Spiritual Life at CC.  Whether you are exploring, want to deepen connections to a specific tradition(s), and/or are interesting in spiritual practices like meditation, there is a place for you. Presented by the Chaplains’ Office. 

When and Where: 

Introduction to Your Priddy Trip 

If you are interested in learning more about how to properly prepare for your Priddy Experience Trip come to this session for more detailed information on what you can expect, words of wisdom from current leaders, and to get more familiar with outdoor equipment like tents, backpacks, and other camping essentials! Swing by this session to get all your questions answered or just to hear from different NSO Leaders! Presented by the Office of Outdoor Education. 

When and Where: 

Library Tour 

Check out all the library has to offer! Learn of the various resources, spaces, and activities that are available to you as a CC student! Presented by Tutt Librarians.  

When and Where: 

Meet the Greeks 

An informational meet & greet between new students and the sororities and fraternities. Come learn more about Greek life, ask questions, and meet some current members. Presented by the Panhellenic Council and Interfraternity Council.  

When and Where: 


In this session, students will develop a shared understanding of microaggressions and bias; create tangible action steps to contribute to an authentic inclusive community at Colorado College; and come to recognize and disrupt these daily slights experienced by some and committed by many others. Presented by the Butler Center. 

When and Where: 

Navigating Health & Healthcare 

Maintaining health while at college can be a challenge.  And if you get sick, the healthcare system is often confusing and complicated, resulting in bills that are difficult to understand.  We’ll share some simple tips for maintaining your health at CC.  We’ll also give you an overview of how to navigate healthcare systems and insurance. Presented by the Wellness Resource Center. 

When and Where: 

Navigating the Digital Landscape 

Tips and tricks to navigating the digital landscape at CC. Get an introduction to resources like WebEx (video conferencing), OneDrive (1TB of cloud storage), Outlook (email and calendaring), equipment you can check out to use, and more. Presented by the ITS: Solutions Center. 

When and Where: 

SESSION FULL: Nuts & Bolts of Advising & the Curriculum  

An overview of academic advising and the curriculum at Colorado College. We will review all-college requirements, registering for classes, the points system, grade track options, working with a faculty advisor and the Advising Hub, as well as how to declare majors and change advisors. Presented by the Student Opportunities & Advising Hub.  

When and Where: 

Not Your Grandparent’s Sex Ed (or your high school's) 

Get tips on getting sexy—an introduction to comprehensive sex-ed that you do not want to miss. We’ll unpack cultural conceptions and expectations of sex, learn pleasure physiology and techniques for self and partner pleasure, and allow students to ask presenters their most pressing sex-related questions anonymously. This workshop will help you cultivate a healthy and fulfilling sex-life that meets your desires, interests, and experience. Presented by the Wellness Resource Center. 

When and Where: 

Pause: Taking Time to Be 

Take a break during the busyness of NSO to experience various practices labyrinth walks, meditation, qigong, and others. Learn how these resources are available on campus year-round and can assist in creating space to pause and be.  Join other students and members of Chaplains’ Office Staff, as we explore these practices together. Presented by the Chaplains’ Office. 

When and Where: 


Come relax. Explore Qigong, a meditative and contemplative practice that cultivates and moves energy in the body through sound, visualization and movement for greater well-being and inner expansiveness. Presented by the Chaplains’ Office. 

When and Where: 

Social Networking for Introverts 

For introverted people, sometimes it is hard to get ourselves to go out and meet other people.  Wouldn't it be great if there was a chance to meet other shy or introverted people?  Here is your chance! Come and meet others like yourself.  Everyone else will be a bit nervous too, so please join us. This will be a relaxed way to meet others. Presented by the Student Opportunities & Advising Hub. 

When and Where:  

Staying Grounded: How Contemplative and Spiritual Practices can be helpful on the Block Plan 

Life on the Block Plan can be busy and intense at times. Come explore how spiritual and contemplative practices can be helpful in your everyday life in staying connected to yourself, your sense of well-being, and community. Presented by the Chaplains’ Office.  

When and Where: 

Staying Sober at CC 

Many students come to college with the intention of limiting their contact with alcohol, cannabis, and other substances. Some come with the intention of having a completely sober experience. Many more still will work through college while in recovery from substance abuse. Come connect with other students interested in a sober experience and talk with staff and returning students about the party/substance use culture at CC and the supports available to you throughout your time here. Presented by the Wellness Resource Center. 

When and Where:  

SESSION FULL: Student Employment 

Review of student employment opportunities, requirements and processes. Session topics include where to search for employment opportunities, how to apply for jobs off or on campus. who can apply for off-campus employment, work-study hiring preference, resume and interview assistance through the Career Center and what paperwork is required, review paperwork requirements and documents, international student ISSS office, overall SE process, and how to complete time sheets. Presented by the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment. 

When and Where:  

SESSION FULL:Study Strategies on the Block 

As Benedict Carey, a journalist writing about science and learning for the New York Times observes, “most of our instincts about learning are misplaced, incomplete, or flat wrong.” An what you believe to be true about learning can lead you to study ineffectively. In this interactive session, you will reflect critically on your current study habits and learn about three key insights from educational psychology that inform effective approaches to studying on the block.  Presented by the Colket Center for Academic Excellence. 

When and Where: 

SESSION FULL: Sustainability at CC 

Sustainability is a vast topic that encompasses environmental, social, financial, and personal wellness topics.  Colorado College is a leading institution across these efforts.  The Office of Sustainability coordinates most of the sustainability efforts at the college.  Learn more about these efforts, our progress and goals, and how you can be a part of that progress! Presented by the Office of Sustainability. 

When and Where: 

SESSION FULL:Time Management  

This session offers tips and tools for managing time on the Block. Participants will reflect on what has worked for them and consider what modifications to their current strategies will help them succeed in CC’s unique structure through scenario discussions. Presented by the Colket Center for Academic Excellence. 

When and Where: 

What I Wish I Knew Before I  Went to College

Learn from two faculty members about what they wish they knew before they went to college as well as the impact of substance abuse on academic performance and brain development in a fun and non-judgmental space. Presented by the Psychology Department. 

When and Where: 

What Does Community Engagement Mean Anyway? 

At CC, we use the language of community “engagement” rather than “service” – come find out why.  Learn about diverse forms of engagement, determine what types of engagement best align to your passions, and discover examples of opportunities to engage in those areas at CC.  Presented by the Collaborative for Community Engagement. 

When and Where: 

SESSION FULL: Work Hard, Play Hard 

A fun and fulfilling social life is an important part of your college experience. But, the often-repeated “work hard, play hard” mantra perpetuates myths that can normalize substance abuse and unhealthy sexual engagement, while exacerbating mental health challenges and derailing our priorities. Extreme behaviors of a small group of students can establish an unrealistic perception of social norms. What’s more, “fun and fulfilling” looks different for different people, and there are many opportunities at CC to build a fulfilling social life. Understand the realities of students’ party habits and determine your own priorities in order to start the year off with a well-balanced mind-set. Presented by the Wellness Resource Center.  

When and Where: 


In this interactive workshop you will learn about vision, values and goals and how to define your own version of success. Presented by the Career Center.  

When and Where: 

SESSION FULL: Zen Meditation  

Come rest in silence. Experience Zen Meditation and meet your first koan. No experience needed. Presented by the Chaplains’ Office. 

When and Where: