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Parent FAQs

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The Office of Parent and Family Relations is here to address questions and concerns regarding your student. Many of the questions asked most frequently by parents are listed below. If you can’t find the answer you need, please call 719-389-6103 or email If we cannot give you an immediate answer, we will work to connect you with those at the college who can provide assistance and support.


I want to see my student’s grade reports or transcripts and see how they are performing academically.

College students’ records are protected by the Family Educational Right and Privacy Act (FERPA), which restricts institutions from releasing grades and other educational records without the student’s written permission. Your student can give you permission by completing an authorization form in the Registrar’s office. Students may view their grades online through Self-Service Banner (SSB) after the grades have been submitted to the registrar. Colorado College does not mail grade reports home, unless the student makes a written request for a transcript to be sent home from the registrar.

Are tutoring services available?

The Colket Student Learning Center provides collaborative learning opportunities and tutorial assistance for Colorado College students through its Quantitative Reasoning Center (QRC); Writing Center; ESL Specialist; and Reading, Rhetoric and First Year Programs Specialist. The directors and faculty teach adjuncts and workshops on a regular basis. Academic departments may also keep lists of tutors that students can enlist for assistance. Encourage your student to talk with his or her professor or department head.

When are block breaks and other holiday breaks?

The academic calendar provides information on all breaks in the regular schedule. Before students or parents purchase tickets for plane travel around breaks, students should consult with their professors about their course schedule and exams.

How can I know when to purchase my student’s airplane tickets to come home for breaks?

Due to the unique nature of the Block Plan, it is difficult for a student to know at the beginning of a semester when an exam might be scheduled for each block class. In general, students should not plan to leave campus any earlier than noon on the last day of class prior to a block or holiday break. While families can use the academic calendar as a general guideline, some professors will schedule exams or assignments on the last day of class before break, and some professors have attendance requirements that only allow a certain number of missed classes. Your student is responsible for knowing the specific requirements and exam schedules for his/her classes.

What should my student do if he or she has issues with registration or class scheduling?

The first option for students who are having trouble resolving their schedules is to work with their academic advisor.

What if my student’s advisor is away, busy, or can’t answer his or her questions?

We like to think of advising as a combinatorial system at CC. There is a network of faculty and staff here to support students, depending on what specific questions or concerns they may have. If your student’s advisor is not available, encourage your student to email or call Re Evitt, Associate Dean of the College. She can help identify the best point of contact. If your student is a first-year student, encourage him or her to contact Jessie Dubreuil, FYE Director.

What if I have questions about my student’s academic performance?

If you have questions about how your student is doing at Colorado College, you should talk first with your student. If you are not satisfied with that discussion, you can contact Re Evitt, the Associate Dean of the College at (719) 389-6687. It is best not to contact faculty members, as it is important that the faculty-student relationship be built directly by those individuals. In addition faculty will not know whether a FERPA form has been signed, so they will not be certain what information your student has given permission to communicate. Dean Evitt will have access to your student’s FERPA status.

Does Colorado College offer summer school, and what should we know about it?

Yes, Colorado College does have a Summer Session. The Summer Session offers Colorado College students an opportunity to make progress toward their degrees, take courses not offered during the spring or fall, or engage in intercultural study programs offered only through the Summer Session. After one semester of study at Colorado College, each Colorado College student is provided with a “Wild Card” tuition credit that can be used once before graduation to cover the tuition for one summer block of regularly scheduled classes. Students do not need to notify student accounts or Summer Session to use the Wild Card; it is applied to the student account automatically for the first summer course. In addition and with pre-approval, it is possible for students to take some classes at colleges and universities close to home. See the Registrar’s office transfer credit guidelines for more information.


Where can I get information about campus accessibility resources?

The Accessibility Resources office collaborates with the Colorado College community to ensure that all aspects of campus life are accessible, equitable, and inclusive for people who experience disabilities. 


Do dining locations remain open during block and holiday breaks?

Campus dining offers service during block and holiday breaks, except for Winter Break when the entire campus is closed. There may be changes to the normal dining schedule and some locations may be closed during breaks. If your student is staying on campus during break times, he or she will want to look for information about posted hours of closings.

How can I send a birthday cake or goodie basket to my student?

Bon Appétit Catering will prepare a cake or special treat for your student. Contact them by phone at (719) 389-6576 or send an email.


Who should I contact to notify of a family emergency that affects my student?

To report a serious illness, family emergency, or other matter that could affect your student’s well-being and/or academic progress, please call the Student Life office at (719) 389-6686 to inform the dean or assistant dean of students of the situation. If it is after business hours and you have an urgent concern that requires immediate attention, please call Campus Safety at (719) 389-6707, and your call will be directed to a campus on-call representative. In an emergency situation, please call Campus Safety’s emergency line at (719) 389-6911.

What should my student do in the event of an emergency?

In case of a life-threatening emergency, students should call 911 (9-911 from an on-campus phone) and Campus Safety at 719-389-6911 (6-911 from an on-campus phone).  Students should always give their location, nature of the emergency, and be prepared to respond to the dispatcher’s questions or instructions. Students should not hang up until told to do so.

In case of a medical or psychological crisis, students should call Campus Safety at 6911. Campus Safety can initiate a response from police, fire, medical, counseling support teams, and other appropriate campus resources. If an emergency involving CC students occurs off campus, students should notify Campus Safety immediately at 719-389-6707.

Who should my student notify if he or she is delayed returning to campus following a break?

If your student is having travel difficulties (for example, due to winter storms or flight delays) and will not be back on campus in time for the start of classes, your student should contact his or her professor directly to let them know of the delay. If the student is unable to contact the professor, he or she may also call the Student Life office at (719) 389-6686 to inform the dean or assistant dean of students of the situation.

Where can I find emergency notifications and emergency preparedness information?

Campus emergency preparedness plans, as well as any current notifications, are detailed on the emergency preparedness website. The college will be moving to a new notification system in the fall of 2014. More information will be posted as it becomes available.


When is tuition billed/due?

Questions regarding billing and payment can be answered by the Student Accounts office.

How are parents notified when tuition is due?

Colorado College uses an online billing system. Email billing notifications are sent to students at their Colorado College email address. An email notification is also sent at the same time to valid email addresses for each authorized payer that has been granted access to the system by their student. If you are not receiving email reminders for e-bills, it is most likely because your student has not yet granted access to you for their account.

What does my student need to do to grant me access to the online payment system?

Please visit the Student Accounts website for detailed instructions.

What's the difference between the Gold Card, the Gold Card Plus Account, and a student account?

A Gold Card is the Colorado College “one card” identification card. It communicates by the magnetic stripe on the back of the card to computers that access dormitory and other building doors, meals, Tiger Bucks, and spending money if you have funded a Gold Card Plus account. The Gold Card Plus Account is a debit account used to purchase goods and services on campus. The student account is where tuition, room, board, etc. are billed. Do NOT make a deposit into the Gold Card Plus Account with the intention of paying any part of a student account bill. Meal plans are charged to the student account.

Is there an ATM on campus?

Yes, there is a Wells Fargo ATM on the first floor of the Worner Center.

Which bank should my student use?

The college has secured relationships with the following banks which will provide banking services to our students, faculty, and staff.

Bank of Colorado
421 N Tejon Street
(719) 473-2100

  • Check cashing for students, faculty, and staff (with Gold Card & ID)
    • Unlimited denomination if Colorado College check
    • Up to $200 for non-Colorado College check
  • Free checking account

Wells Fargo Bank
90 S Cascade Avenue
(719) 577-5496

  • Check cashing for students, faculty, and staff (with Gold Card & ID)
    • Unlimited denomination if Colorado College check
    • Up to $200 for non-Colorado College check

Who can help me with a financial aid question?

Questions about financial aid should be directed to the Financial Aid office. They maintain a comprehensive website with detailed information on a variety of financial aid issues. 

Health and Wellness

Where can students get information about living a healthy lifestyle?

Colorado College is committed to helping students develop and maintain healthy lifestyles. The Wellness Resource Center is the keystone of this educational commitment.

What if my student experiences personal or mental health issues?

Encourage your student to:

  • speak with his or her student residential advisor (RA) or professional residential life counselor (RLC). Residential life staff are trained to assist students with accessing campus resources;
  • make an appointment to see Assistant Dean of Students Cesar Cervantes in the Student Life Office;
  • talk with one of the Chaplains;
  • make an appointment at the Colorado College Counseling Center. The counseling center offers 24-hour mental health services and a myriad of other counseling services. The counseling center is open to all Colorado College students. There is no fee for the first six counseling sessions.

What if my student becomes ill?

Colorado College partners with Colorado Springs Health Partners, PC (CSHP) to provide health services to students on campus through the Student Health Center. CSHP is a long-standing, reputable medical practice that was established in 1946 in Colorado Springs. They can provide primary and acute care services to CC students, as well as women’s health services, travel medicine clinics, and health education and prevention education.

Where can students get care if the Student Health Center is closed?

CSHP offers an urgent care clinic located at 1633 Medical Center Point (northwest corner of Union and Fillmore). The clinic is available to students when the Student Health Center is closed or does not have any available appointments. Urgent care hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-8 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Students may also call the CSHP Urgent Care Clinic at 719-636-2999. They will reach a nurse answering service that will either direct them to the emergency room or contact the CSHP physician on call on their behalf. Students may also visit an emergency room if they need care and both the health center and urgent care clinic are closed. The emergency room should be used only in severe circumstances:

  • Penrose-St. Francis Hospital
    2222 N. Nevada Avenue
    (719) 776-5000
  • Memorial Hospital (University of Colorado Health)
    1400 E. Boulder Street
    (719) 365-5000

Does the college provide transportation to urgent care or the hospital if the Student Health Center is closed?

If a student requires transportation to the urgent care clinic or a hospital emergency room during health center hours, taxi vouchers that are billed to the student account are available through the health center. If the health center is not open, the student can contact Campus Safety or residential life staff for assistance. 

Will the Student Health Center bill insurance?

All students enrolled at Colorado College are required to be covered by insurance, either under a family health insurance plan or under the college’s student insurance plan. Students and their parents should confirm their coverage with their plan prior to arrival at Colorado College and prior to any appointments to determine their exact benefits. Services provided at the Student Health Center or at the CSHP urgent care clinic will be billed to the insurance plan under which the student is covered.

Why do I get charged for the health insurance premium every year?

All students are required to provide proof of health insurance coverage every year. Students will be charged for the CC health premium on their fall invoice. Students have the option either to enroll in the college student insurance plan (offered through Academic HealthPlans underwritten by Humana) or to waive enrollment in the college's plan by providing proof of private insurance coverage. Waivers or enrollments are completed online at Academic HealthPlans. A health plan mailing normally goes out to families toward the end of June, which explains the health insurance coverage and enrollment/waiver process. Please contact the Student Health Center for more information at 719-389-6386.

Do students have to pay for anything at the Student Health Center?

Most insurance plans require a copayment or have a deductible. Depending upon the student’s specific plan, students may be responsible for a payment of some kind. Students may use their CC Gold Card for payment, provided they have funds available on their Gold Card Plus Account. Prescriptions dispensed at the Student Health Center must be paid for at time of pickup. The Student Health Center is not able to bill prescriptions to a student’s Colorado College account.


When will my first-year student receive his or her housing assignment?

Once your student has received the initial mailing containing his or her new email, he or she will start to receive emails from Residential Life and Housing regarding housing information. The initial email will contain instructions for completing the online housing agreement and preference information. The deadline for completing housing information is June 30, and the roommate matching process occurs soon after. Your student can expect to receive room and roommate information in early August.

Where can my student store his or her belongings over the summer?

Students are required to vacate their rooms and remove all belongings for summer break, as we have both academic and conference activity on campus over the summer and utilize all the residence halls for those purposes. Unfortunately, we do not provide on-campus storage for students. We simply don’t have the space. Students are encouraged to take their belongings home with them. If that is not an option, there are several local storage facilities that rent space:

In addition, College Student Storage, a locally-owned company, offers door-to-door services, including storage, moving, and shipping.

Disclaimer: Colorado College does not endorse any storage company and does not have responsibility for damaged or lost belongings.

Mail Services

Where can I send mail or packages to my student?

Colorado College’s student mailing address for both mail and packages is:

[Student Name]
Colorado College Worner Box [WB#]
902 N. Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80946-[WB#]

Where is the campus mailroom located?

The mailroom is on the basement level of the Worner Center.

Can we ship belongings to campus ahead of New Student Orientation or the start of classes?

Yes. Incoming first year students who wish to ship items ahead of their arrival for classes may not have a Worner Box assigned to them until the end of August. In this case, please make sure that you put “Hold for incoming student” on the outside of the box and shipping label.

Parking and Transportation

Can first-year students bring cars to campus?

No, Colorado College does not allow first-year students to have a car on campus, and most students do not feel that they need one.

How can my student get around campus or around town?

Colorado College provides a both a Safe Ride service for the immediate campus vicinity and a shuttle service for getting around the Colorado Springs downtown area. Both services are student-run and available to all campus community members free of charge. Colorado Springs also has public transportation, as well as taxi service.

If my student has a car, where can he or she park?

As an urban campus, space on and around campus can be limited, so we have a parking office that manages our parking program and can answer questions about having a car on campus.

Is there an airport shuttle?

Airport shuttles are coordinated through the Worner Desk for Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring, and Summer breaks. The shuttles run during the afternoon on the day classes finish (typically a Wednesday) and then again the following day in the morning to both the Colorado Springs and Denver airports. Schedules will be advertised to students. Reservations and payment are accepted at the Worner Desk. For all other breaks, transportation options include Yellow Cab (to the Colorado Springs airport) and the Colorado Shuttle (to the Denver airport).


Student safety is our top priority. Colorado College's Campus Safety department is committed to ensuring a safe learning environment for students, faculty, staff, and guests of the College by providing high quality service with excellent standards of personal integrity and ethics.