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New Student Orientation

Important Information for Parents

Our New Student Orientation team, including many friendly and enthusiastic student helpers, looks forward to seeing you on campus!
Our New Student Orientation team, including many friendly and enthusiastic student helpers, looks forward to seeing you on campus!

As parents, we mark our child’s growth and development in milestones. Perhaps you celebrated your child’s first steps, first tooth, first day of kindergarten, first day of high school, or even first date! Soon — whether you are the parent of a fall start, winter start, transfer, international, or exchange student — you will mark a new “first” as your student arrives on campus for her or his first day at Colorado College.

We hope that you will join us for this milestone event! All parents are encouraged to attend special parent programming held during orientation.

  • New Student Orientation — for students who have been admitted as fall starts for the 2017-18 academic year (including transfer students)—will be held August 19-27, 2017. A schedule outline is available here; the schedule will be updated throughout the spring and summer as plans are finalized, so check back often! Parent programming is scheduled for Saturday, August 19, 2017.

    • If your student is part of the Bridge Scholars Program, he or she should plan to arrive on campus to begin the program on Sunday, August 6, 2017. The full program runs from August 6-18, 2017.
    • If your student is an international student, he or she should plan to be on campus for a customized pre-orientation that begins on Tuesday, August 15, 2017.
  • Winter Start Orientation — for students who have been admitted as winter starts for the 2017-18 academic year and for Fall Semester Abroad participants—will be held January 13-20, 2018. Parent programming is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, January 13 and 14.

Taking Care of Details

CC Bound Orientation Website

CC Bound is your student’s gateway to beginning life at Colorado College, and it contains all the background information and forms that students need to prepare for their arrival on campus. All students will be sent the information they need to access CC Bound via “snail mail.” Fall start students can expect to receive their information as early as June 1. Winter start students can expect to receive their information as early as July 1. Your student’s Colorado College ID number, Colorado College email address, Colorado College network account username, and Colorado College network account password are also included with this mailing.

  • It is important for your student to access his or her new CC email—as well as the CC Bound orientation website—as soon as possible. All further communications from CC to your student are delivered via the student’s CC email address, and all required forms and deadlines are accessed through CC Bound.
  • The network account username and network account password are used to log in to CC’s Single Sign-In portal, where students will use Banner (SSB) to both register for classes and view student account information.

In addition, all students with domestic mailing addresses will be mailed a complimentary copy of the Capstone Reading for the year. Students with international mailing addresses will receive their copies when they arrive on campus. A small group discussion of the reading is part of the orientation experience.
     If your student does not receive this information, or if she or he encounters any difficulty accessing email or the network, please encourage your student to contact the Campus Activities Office via email or by phone at (719) 389-6800 for support and assistance.

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness are important factors for student success, and Colorado College offers several resources that support student health and wellness. These resources are available to all students, both those with the student insurance plan and those with private coverage:

  • The Wellness Resource Center, under the direction of psychologist Heather Horton, works to create an environment that nurtures the development of the whole person and empowers individuals to make healthy lifestyle choices. The WRC works to coordinate and integrate campus-wide efforts to promote health and prevent health problems.
  • The Student Health Center is a partnership between Colorado College and Colorado Springs Health Partners (CSHP) to provide quality health care on campus. During the academic year, the health center is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 5 p.m. Nurses and a nurse practitioner are available to assess student needs and provide both preventive care and care for routine illness. If necessary, specialist referrals can be made within the CSHP network of providers.
  • The Counseling Center, under the direction of psychologist Bill Dove, is dedicated to supporting the educational mission of Colorado College by providing mental health services on campus. The center employs a variety of clinicians with a wide range of specialties and clinical interests. All students are eligible to receive six free counseling sessions each academic year at Colorado College. The center also offers medication prescribing and management. 

Health Records

An important part of our efforts to ensure a safe and healthy environment for everyone in the CC community is documenting immunizations and certain health information. Now is a great time to visit your primary care physician at home, collect this documentation, and talk with your physician about other health-related plans for coming to college. Please review the requirements and submit appropriate documentation by June 29. Completing the documentation is part of Colorado College’s compliance with Colorado State Law, which requires that all students attending a residential college in the state show proof of immunity. Students with incomplete records after their arrival on campus will have a hold placed on their class registration, which affects their ability to view grades and add or drop classes.

Health Insurance Requirement

All students attending Colorado College are required to have health insurance. In accordance with this requirement, all student accounts will be billed for the student health insurance plan underwritten by United Healthcare on or after July 1. Students must take action by the second week of September each year they are enrolled as a CC student to either:

  1. Enroll in the college-sponsored plan through an online enrollment process. The coverage will then be effective from August 1 through July 31. OR
  2. Waive the college-sponsored plan by providing proof of insurance from a private health insurance plan which meets Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements. Once the online waiver process is completed, the charge on the student account for the college-sponsored plan will be reversed.

Detailed instructions about the enrollment/waiver process — including a link to the electronic portal — will be mailed to all students during the last part of June. The enrollment/waiver website will be updated and ready for use on July 1. Please email Heather Horton, director of the Wellness Resource Center, with questions about the student health insurance plan.

Accessibility Resources

Students who plan to request disability-related accommodations (e.g., extended time on exams, note-taking services, alternate formats of text) are encouraged to connect with Accessibility Resources as early as possible to allow sufficient time for support services to be put in place. If you have questions or concerns, please call (719) 227-8285 to talk with an Accessibility Resources staff member.

Room Assignments and Roommates

Fall start students will receive an email in early June with information about how to access the online housing agreement so that they can provide us with room and roommate preference information. Winter start students can expect to receive this email in August. After all fall start students have submitted their housing information forms, the Residential Life and Housing Office will begin the process of assigning rooms and roommates. This is a personalized—not automatic—process, and we endeavor to carefully balance the consideration of individual needs with the needs of each residential life community. Your patience is appreciated! Fall start students can expect to receive their room assignment and the name(s) of their roommate(s) via email in early August. Winter start students will not receive their room and roommate assignments until after the December holidays, just prior to orientation.
     Read more about what to bring and get answers to common housing questions.

Sending Packages

You are welcome to send packages to your student prior to arrival on campus. All packages will be held for pick-up during orientation. As most new students will not yet have a mailbox assignment, please mark “hold for incoming student” on the outside of the shipment. Students can expect to receive their Worner Box (mailbox) numbers sometime in August. The address format is:
     Student’s full name (no nicknames, please)
     Worner Box # (if known)
     Colorado College
     902 N. Cascade Avenue
     Colorado Springs, CO 80946

Paying the Bill

All billing information and statements are managed through TouchNet, our student accounts billing system, which provides real-time student account activity, online ACH payments (debit to savings or checking account), and payment plan setup. Students are required to authorize access to this site for their parents and/or other payers due to FERPA regulations. Students will be asked to complete this process in July. More detailed information explaining this process will be sent to students via email.

Once your student has invited you as an "authorized user," then you may login to the TouchNet site here.

Information about the billing schedule, tuition and fees, payment plans ... and more, is available on the student accounts website.

Financial Aid

If you have questions about financial aid, please call the financial aid office at (719) 389-6651 or 1-800-260-6458 or email

Off-Campus Study (Semester or Year)

If your student is interested in off-campus study, please encourage him or her to plan ahead. Students who begin their matriculation at Colorado College after July 1, 2015 will be charged Colorado College tuition under the Home School Tuition Policy when studying off-campus for a semester or a year. This tuition structure is designed to make off-campus study available to all our undergraduates and is similar to the policy of many selective liberal arts colleges. Read more about the variety of off-campus programs available to students. Contact the office of international programs for more information.

Microsoft Office

All Colorado College students are eligible to download the full Microsoft Office suite for free as part of our institutional Office 365 program. Click here for installation information. For questions or troubleshooting, contact the Help Desk.  

Preparing for Academic Success

The First Year Experience (FYE) Program is designed to introduce first-year students to academic life at CC, and course options from across departments offer diverse choices for a deep and engaging start to life on campus. You may already have had discussions with your students about their vision for the first year and beyond. They may be excited about prospective majors, enthusiastic about finding new passions, or eager to explore departments or get out into the field. No matter where your students are in their thinking, we are here to support them in navigating their options and charting a path through the first year. If you have any questions about the FYE Program or the point system, please don’t hesitate to contact Aaron Stoller, FYE Director, (719) 389-6168.

Selecting An FYE Class

As students select and pre-register for the two-block course that will begin their college career, here are some important things to remember:

  • FYE doesn’t need to track to a student’s major. Choosing to explore interests and ideas that are brand new can open more horizons for your student. There’s plenty of time to start work toward the major after the first two blocks.
  • FYE provides both in-depth inquiry in a particular discipline and a broader introduction to college-level skills in writing, critical reading, research, and discussion.
  • Each FYE has different characteristics. Encourage your students to think carefully about the right fit. Do they have athletic commitments? Might they want to spend time off campus? Explore a language? Satisfy an All-College Requirement? The Course Information Grid is designed to help students figure out what works for their needs.
  • Fall start students need to pre-register for their FYE Seminars by June 30. The deadline for Winter Start students is September 1.

Looking Forward to Orientation

Participation in New Student Orientation is required for all new first-year students at Colorado College. Please consult the appropriate orientation schedule prior to making travel arrangements.

Move-In Day

Move-In Day is designed to offer time for you and your student to transfer belongings to a dorm room, “take care of business,” and enjoy lunch and programming for both students and parents. 

Residence halls open at 8 a.m. When you arrive on campus, go immediately to your student’s assigned residence hall. If you are unsure of the residence hall location, check the campus map. Many enthusiastic student helpers will be available to assist you with unloading and carrying. You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly student belongings make it from the car to the room, giving you ample time to help your student begin to unpack!

Please refer to the printed schedule which will be provided to your student at check-in for additional activities throughout the day. Questions are welcome! If you are unsure about anything, please don't hesitate to ask any staff member for help.

What Is a Priddy Trip?

Formally known as the "Priddy Experience," the Priddy trip is a five-day, off-campus trip to various front country and backcountry areas of New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, and Utah for all incoming first-year students, guided and led by upperclass students. These mandatory trips help students transition to the community at Colorado College by building bonds among groups of roughly 12 students, as they participate in a variety of service projects, outdoor experiences, and experiential learning opportunities at their destinations. The trips vary in location, activity, and remoteness, and all students have the opportunity to designate preferences through the Priddy trip registration process. All students will be informed of their trip placement in mid-July. A specific packing list for each trip will be e-mailed to students prior to orientation, however most trips require basic supplies such as: active clothing, sturdy footwear/hiking boots, sleeping bag & pad, rain jacket, headlamp, and bowl/spoon.

Supporting Your Student

For first-year students especially, the college years are a time of growth, change, and exploration. They are faced with multiple challenges: adapting to a new environment, forming new social relationships, adjusting to more rigorous academic expectations. As a concerned and caring parent, you might ask yourself, “how do I best support my student?” Here are a few tips:

  • You know your student better than anybody else—it is important to stay connected in an appropriate way.
  • Talk with your student and agree on an acceptable level of contact. One phone call a week, for instance, at an agreed-upon time. Or an occasional text or email.
  • Serve as a sounding board. Listen and provide encouragement.
  • Promote thinking about choices based on your knowledge of your student’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Familiarize yourself with campus resources so that you can suggest their utilization from an informed perspective.
  • Send treats! College students love to get mail and care packages.

Recommended Reading

The website College Parent Central has a great series about taking on the role of coach for your student, as well as many other helpful articles related to parenting a college student. Many other suggestions are available in the recommended reading section of the parents website.

New Student Welcome Parties!

We know that summer is a time of travel and hope that, wherever you might find yourself, you will join us as we welcome the Class of 2021 to the Colorado College community. We typically hold parties in the following locations. Details, registration links, and any additional locations will be added as they become available.

San Francisco

New York City

Washington, D.C.

Los Angeles, CA


Chicago, IL

Seattle, WA

Boston, MA

Denver, CO

Twin Cities, MN

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