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The Block & Beyond How Your Gifts Make a Difference at CC

Giving Week Recap

Donors Surpass Giving Week Goals

During Colorado College’s Giving Week Dec. 1–5, 2015, a total of 1,893 donors gave to #FeedtheTiger surpassing last year’s 1,881 participation number.

In addition to exceeding the participation goal, the college also surpassed last year’s $447,575 gift total with $594,296 in gifts. Included in this total is $50,000 from an anonymous alumnus who challenged 500 alumni to participate by making a gift on Dec. 3. A total of 607 alumni gave that day, fulfilling the 24-hour challenge.

One of 607

Alex Harleen ’13 Joins 606 Alumni in One-Day Challenge

Alex Harleen’13, who participated in the Dec. 3, 2015, “500 alumni donors for $50,000 challenge” has made a “habit of giving back” to Colorado College once a year.

When Alex Harleen ’13 made a gift to Colorado College on Dec. 3, 2015 as part of the challenge.

“As a young alumnus, I’m not in a position to make large gifts,” says Harleen, “but I can create a habit of giving back once a year. When I found out about the challenge, I decided to make my annual gift that day.”

A Rewarding Week

CC DIALogue Student Callers Live Giving Week Excitement

Sophie Leamon ’18 (left) and Katie Larsen ’18 are both managers at DIALogue and helped create a successful Giving Week that surpassed goals for alumni giving in a single day and overall participation for the week.

“We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity that members of the CC community demonstrated during the 24-hour challenge and Giving Week,” says Kerry Brooke Steere, director of annual giving.

“Student callers were very excited to reach out to donors during Giving Week,” says Sophie Leamon ’18, who is a manager at DIALogue, which helps keep alumni, parents, and prospective students connected to CC by notifying them about special events, explaining what gifts to the Annual Fund do for the college, and providing opportunities to support CC through donations..

The excitement was especially palpable on Dec. 3.

“During the day of the challenge, we spoke to alumni who told us to call their friends to ask them to make gifts, too,” says Katie Larsen ’18, who is also a manager for DIALogue. “They wanted to do everything possible to help the college reach the challenge goal.”

An Experience Like No Other

CC Students Have Immersive Half Block With Top Marketing Professionals

A $50,000 gift, such as the one unlocked through the challenge, can go a long way for CC students. For example, that amount is the equivalent of funding for a fully subsidized immersive Half Block like the one a dozen students participated in at the prestigious GSD&M advertising agency in Austin, Texas, in January 2016.

As part of the behind-the-scenes look into the inner workings of the top national ad agency, these students worked in teams to tackle a strategic brand assignment for a clothing company. CC students functioned as part of an agency/client team that included GSD&M CEO Duff Stewart P ’16, professors from Texas State University and the University of Texas at Austin, a communications expert, and Michael Hamp ’06, minister of finance for Criquet Shirts.

More Giving Week results:

By the Numbers

$50,000 Challenge Met
A total of 607 alumni donors participated in a single-day challenge by making a gift to CC and surpassing the 500-alumni donor goals to release $50,000 from an anonymous donor.
1,893 Alumni, parents, and friends fed the tiger by participating during Giving Week and collectively gave $594,296 to Colorado College.

Giving by Major

Gifts at Work

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