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Presidents Circle FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the President's Circle

How do I become a member?

Make an annual, undesignated gift to Colorado College of $10,000 or more by check, credit card, stock, via matching gifts, over the phone, or online. Individuals, corporations, and foundations can become members of the President's Circle.

What is the impact of the President's Circle?

Each year, President Richardson directs funds to support our students and faculty in every endeavor. Students with financial need, faculty student research, support for extra-curricular activity, athletics and more.

What happens when I join?

  • Members are invited to intimate gatherings to talk with the President, Dean or other campus leaders.
  • Members are frequently invited to special small receptions and events with visiting speakers or dignitaries visiting campus.
  • Members receive personal communication from the president, aware of timely developments at the college.
  • Wear with pride their President's Circle lapel pin, which signifies remarkable support of the college, its students and faculty.
  • Encourage others to join them in membership.

Is the President's Circle based on the calendar year or the fiscal year?

Memberships are recorded for the current fiscal year - July 1st and ending on June 30th. Members must renew every year to retain membership.

I work for Colorado College. Is it possible to have my gift deducted from my paycheck?

Yes it is, and it's easy. Just download and fill out the Payroll Deduction Form.

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