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Meet the Staff

The Vice President's Office

Mark Hille
Mark Hille
Vice President for Advancement
(719) 389-6142 

Jillian Wood
Executive Assistant
(719) 389-6740

Volunteer Leadership

Kristin Love

Assistant Vice President for Volunteer Leadership
(719) 389-6778

Alumni and Family Relations

Tiffany Kelly
Director of Alumni
and Family Relations 
(719) 389-6772

Kristie Damgaard mug
Kristie Damgaard
Assistant Director for
On-Campus Programs
(719) 389-6744

Debra Zarecky
Director of Parent
and Family Programs
(719) 389-6103

Brittany Almeida
Brittany Almeida '14
Assistant Director
Student and Family
(719) 389-6817


Michael McNamee
Michael McNamee III
Assistant Director
Career Volunteer

(719) 389-7771



Judy Kanagy
Alumni Relations
(719) 389-6775


Lily Lauer
Alumni Relations
Coordinator On-
Campus Programs
(719) 389-6777

Nichole Ridenour2_126x166
Nichole Ridenour
Alumni Relations
Coordinator Off-
Campus Programs
(719) 389-6776

Development: Major Gifts

Laura Rosendo '06

Director of
(719) 389-6270

Elizabeth Bush20170825_0134-_120x140
Beth Busch
Major Gift Officer
(719) 389-6163

Preston Briggs
Preston Briggs

Major Gift Officer
(719) 389-6785

Denise Walker

Major Gift Officer
(719) 389-6751

Meghan Yingling
Major Gift Officer
(719) 389-6741

Samilja "Sam" Heim
Development Director, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College
(719) 477-4317
Rose Pacheco
Rose Pacheco
Administrative Assistant
(719) 389-6752

Development: Corporate and Foundation Relations

Ina Remus_120x140
Ina Remus

Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
(719) 389-6789

Laura Hines_120x140
Laura Hines

Associate Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
(719) 389-6892

Development: Gift Planning

Stephany Marreel
Director of
Gift Planning
(719) 389-6231

Shannon Balmer_120x140Shannon Balmer '96
Gift Planning Officer
(719) 389-7665 

Nancy Winkle
Nancy Winkle

Gift Planning Coordinator
(719) 389-6230 

Development: Annual, Parent, and Family Giving

Kelly Banet '02

Director of Annual, Parent, and Family Giving
(719) 389-6083

Matt Kelly
Matt Kelly
Associate Director of
Annual Giving
(719) 389-6226

Sherri Hanke
Development/Corporate & Foundation Relations Coordinator
(719) 389-6461

Janice Colon-Mahoney
 Assistant Director of
Annual Giving
(719) 389-6466
Sarah Dunn
Assistant Director of
Annual Giving
(719) 389-6601

Dave Morris

Assistant Director of
Annual Giving
(719) 389-6143

Sarah Thompson
Assistant Director of Annual Giving
(719) 389-6356

Signe Carlson
Assistant Director of
Annual Giving
(719) 389-7023

Krystal Schiffelbein web
Krystal Schiffelbein
Assistant Director of
Annual Giving
(719) 389-6199

Development: Lifetime Philanthropic Engagement, Data, and Records

Molly Bodnar
Molly Bodnar
Associate VP and Campaign Director
(719) 389-6351

Ann Rule
Ann Rule

Interim Data Team Lead
(719) 389-6332

Michele DaughertyMichele Daugherty
Records Supervisor
(719) 389-6462


Melissa Finley Melissa Finley
Database Records Specialist
(719) 389-6058

Justin Freeman
Justin Freeman

Database Records Specialist
(719) 389-6352

Advancement Operations: Communications, Events, Prospect Management, and Stewardship

Stephanie DaigleStephanie Daigle
Advancement Operations Administrative Assistant
(719) 389-6225

John Wallace
John Wallace

Director of Advancement Communications
(719) 389-6084

Brenda Gillen_120x140Brenda Gillen
Assistant Director
of Advancement Communications

(719) 389-6101

Allison Biereichel
Director of Donor Relations
(719) 389-6952


Kathleen BauerKathleen Bauer
Manager of Gifts & Acknowledgments
(719) 389-6354

Currid_webCatherine Currid
Stewardship Specialist
(719) 389-6692



Kristina Reich_120x140Kristina Reich
Gift Records Specialist
(719) 389-6784

Katelyn Rocha
Stewardship Coordinator
(719) 389-6696

Brenda Soto_120x140Brenda Soto
Director of College Events
(719) 389-6265


Julia Barrett 
Events Assistant
(719) 389-6935



Jeff Hartmann
Assistant Director of College and Community Events
(719) 389-6939


Steph Nichols   Assistant Director of President's Events
(719) 389-6235



Angelina Rice_120x140
Angelina Rice   Assistant Director for College and Fine Arts Center Events
(719) 477-4350





Kimberly ElahabKimberly Elahab
Director of Prospect Management
(719) 389-6463


Marj Webster
Marj Webster '82
Prospect Management Analyst
(719) 389-6465

Geordan Somerville
CASE Fundraising Intern
(719) 389-6828