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Faculty & Staff Giving Campaign

Campaign Update

By Dec. 31, 2017,  when the Faculty and Staff Giving campaign came to a close, 575 staff, faculty, and faculty emeriti — or 71 percent of employees — invested in the college, its students, and programs. See how your office/department stacks up.

Thank you to those who participated in the campaign and made a difference. Your participation sends a strong message to our alumni, parents, and friends and inspires them to become involved in greater numbers in CC’s campaign Building on Originality.

And you can continue to make a difference by making a gift once a year. Whether or not you participated in the Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign, Colorado College and our students need your support. You can make your gift or sign up for payroll deduction through the links on the right.

We Asked and You Responded

The Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign at Colorado College was an initiative focused on encouraging the people who know the college most intimately to invest in it.

Our goal was to increase the number of faculty, faculty emeriti, and staff who invest in the college, its students, and programs. There was no dollar goal for this effort; instead, we aimed to achieve 75 percent faculty and staff participation. When we reached 71 percent participation, it showed students, parents, and alumni that we cared enough about this place to invest in its future — and that they should too.

Investing in the college this way also supported CC’s capital campaign, “Building on Originality – The Campaign for Colorado College.” Campaign goals are to:

  • Provide $100 million for scholarships and elimination of program fees
  • Allocate $20 million toward faculty and coaches
  • Dedicate $40 million for Innovation at CC
  • Invest $25 million to renovate Tutt Library
  • Raise $25 million in expendable funds through annual giving
  • Welcome the $150 million Fine Arts Center

Gifts of all size mattered, and there were many different funds you could support.

Primary Gift Categories

  • Annual Fund
  • Scholarship Funds
  • General Support of an Academic Department
  • Support of an Endowed Professorship in an Academic Department
  • The Fine Arts Center at CC
  • Tutt Library
  • Innovation at CC
  • KRCC
  • Support of a Non-Academic Department (i.e. The Career Center)
  • Summer Music Festival
  • State of the Rockies Project
  • Outdoor Education
  • The Butler Center
  • CC Athletics (Or a Particular Team)
  • Club Teams

Ways to Give

If you have questions, or you’d like to learn about pledges and monthly gifts, gifts of securities, life income gifts, or designating CC in your will or trust, please call Meghan Yingling in the Office of Advancement at (719) 389-6356 or email her at

*Note: the campaign ended Dec. 31, 2017.


Friendly Competition

Each year, the Enrollment Management Division and the Athletic Department collaborate to bring an exceptionally talented and diverse cohort of new students to the college. We are partners in this process and launched the giving challenge between the two divisions as a friendly rivalry to compete with one another and to set the stage for what we both hope will be record participation rates both within our divisions and also across campus. While we will declare a winner later this fall, we recognize that everyone wins if we can achieve our goals and the message to outside constituents — alumni, parents, foundations, and friends of the college — is that faculty and staff alike are committed to this campaign and our mission.
—Mark Hatch and Ken Ralph

Update: Both divisions have shown incredible support of the campaign. Admission and Financial Aid had the biggest percentage of donors while Athletics had the biggest number of donors. Congratulations to both divisions on their success and thank you for your leadership!

Win a Prize

Dan Crossey, Facilities Services, won the grand prize of one week at Grand Timber Lodge in Breckenridge for up to eight people in summer 2018!

Congratulations to Dan and all of the other winners:

  • Brittany Almeida, Alumni and Family Relations, won hockey tickets
  • Zora Jackson-Bartelmus, Sociology, won a $25 gift card to Downtown Colorado Springs
  • Linda Petro, ITS, won a $25 gift card to Downtown Colorado Springs
  • Mike Procell, KRCC, won a $25 gift card to Downtown Colorado Springs
  • Rory Stadler, Philosophy and Religion, won a necklace and a pair of earrings from the Indiri Collection
  • Susan Stuart-Elliott, Athletics, won a pound of coffee from Roasted! A Colorado Coffee Roaster
  • Grayson Warrior, Admission, won a $25 gift card to Downtown Colorado Springs
  • Stephen Weaver, Geology, won a pound of coffee from Roasted! A Colorado Coffee Roaster
  • Brian Young, ITS, won hockey tickets

Let Us Know

You work here every day; you know the college better than anyone. So, why do you value CC?

Tell us, and we may share your response on the website or in other materials that lets everyone else in on the behind-the-scenes details about what makes CC great.

Giving Forms

Payroll Deduction Form

Single/Recurring Payment Form

I Value CC

We asked you to tell us why you value CC, and the responses are rolling in! Here are just a few of the reasons why you value CC.

I value the college because at CC I am more than just a number; I am a human being who is appreciated for my uniqueness, as well as the value I bring to the organization. Our community is more like family than just co-workers with little to no connection to each other. And, much like our students, we are encouraged to learn and grow as people and as professionals. It's hard to find a workplace that can offer all of that and still be a fun place to work!

I value CC because of their support for arts and humanities programming across campus. In a time of need (possible NEA/NEH elimination), CC's commitment means a lot!

I value CC because it gives me hope for a better world. The opportunities it provides to a wide range of students will create a continual flow of innovative, diverse ideas to solve problems of the world. I'm glad I'm a small part of that.

I value CC because the college offers many opportunities for students and staff. I work hard, but feel spoiled at the same time as I get to take part in events on campus, take classes, see art and performances, and use gym facilities. The people here care about each other and the community.

I value CC because CC values me. (Thank you!) Professional development, advancement opportunities, our students, relationships with colleagues, growth opportunities, celebrations of success. Beautiful place to be.

I value CC because of the opportunities it provides students, faculty, and staff to work together.

So, what are your reasons? Fill out the survey, and let us know!