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"The Colorado Pledge" is an initiative designed to ensure Colorado College is as accessible for the best students from Colorado as the state's flagship public institution. 


As part of Building on Originality: The Campaign for Colorado College, a $435 million fundraising initiative that includes a $100 million effort to secure funds for financial aid, Colorado College is raising $20 million specifically to support the Colorado Pledge during this campaign.

The urgency to enact the Pledge comes as we seek to cultivate a more diverse student body across the socio-economic spectrum, especially low- and middle-income students. Making Colorado College accessible to these students is essential to creating a campus atmosphere that can support our goals for diversity, inclusion, and equity. By ensuring the cost of attending CC remains as affordable as the state's flagship public university, we can attract and enroll a higher percentage of students from low- and middle-income Colorado families, opening the doors more widely to a CC education for the best and brightest students in our state.

Currently, about 15 percent of CC students are enrolled from Colorado. Increasing the percentage of Colorado students at CC is a critical, timely, and important objective. That’s because the college’s sense of place in the West factors prominently in The Colorado College Plan: Building on the Block, the strategic plan for the college. Furthermore, our commitment to the region is being affirmed by our alliance with the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College and the upcoming, on-campus Ed Robson Arena.

To make a gift to the Colorado Pledge, follow this link:

To learn more about the Colorado Pledge, contact Laura Rosendo at (719) 389-6270 or