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Caroline Olin '18

A Passion for Enacting Change

DIALogue student caller Caroline Olin ’18 is a race, ethnicity, and migration studies major and a feminist and gender studies minor from the Chicago area. She recalls two of her most influential classes at CC were Special Topics: Unsung Heroes of the United States: Founders of Nonviolent Social Change taught by part-time professor, former priest, and longtime community activist Steve Handen and Critical Whiteness Studies taught by Associate Professor of Feminist and Gender Studies Heidi Lewis.


Olin says her Nonviolent Social Change class was extremely valuable.

“It taught me how to be mindful and gave me real-life examples of how I could use my passions to impact the world in a meaningful way.”

The Critical Whiteness Studies course took Olin to the next step in her desire to make an impact.

“I learned to not waste time at CC and to become proficient in something so that I can make a positive change in the world.”

Like many of CC’s trailblazing students, she isn’t waiting until after she graduates to make an impact. Olin looked directly to her CC community to make a difference and is now co-chair of The B-Side Collective, a new organization for musicians at CC. The collective was created because of the inaccessibility that many musicians face: lack of funds, access to practice space, and time to find instruments and take lessons.

The B-Side Collective hopes to eliminate as many of those obstacles as possible for CC students. The group recently was featured on CC’s Crowdfunding page, and Olin played an administrative role in helping to raise funds. Altogether, the effort raised $1,000 for instruments.

“We are inspired and encouraged by off-campus members of the CC community who supported us,” says Olin.

She wants alumni and parents who are called by DIALogue student callers to know that the people on both ends of the line have had wonderful experiences at CC.

“I hope that by the end of the call, I’ve made your day with our conversation and left you with the feeling that you just gave back to a school that contributed to your life and your happiness,” Olin says.  


Class Year: 2018

Three things I love to do at CC:
1. Play music
2. Be a part of Student Organization for Sexual Safety
3. Hang out on the quad