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Committee Member Purpose and Responsibilities

Class reunions are one of the best ways to strengthen the connection between alumni and the college. The goal of a reunion committee is to promote class-wide enthusiasm for your reunion, help plan the reunion activities, and encourage both reunion attendance and participation in the class gift.

If possible, attend the virtual Reunion Volunteer Weekend held Feb. 5-6, 2021. During the Reunion Volunteer Weekend, the committee will help plan the reunion and set goals for a commitment to the class gift.

Contact classmates to encourage reunion attendance and support of class gift by leveraging your network within your class.

Lead by example. Make an early gift to Colorado College and serve as an example for classmates to follow.

Share Colorado College news and reunion information with classmates as well as the importance of giving back to CC. Share your own reasons for supporting the college.

Participate in periodic conference calls and email discussions with committee members and CC staff to answer questions and update progress.

Thank selected classmates as appropriate (call, email, personal note).

Serve as a class ambassador at Homecoming, Oct. 7-10; meet and greet as many classmates as possible. Most of all, HAVE FUN - IT'S YOUR CC CLASS REUNION!
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