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The majority of Colorado College is zoned Special Use (SU) which allows for a mix of academic, student housing, and support uses. The College currently owns and operates existing facilities within the block bounded by Cache la Poudre, Nevada Avenue, Weber Street, and Dale streets. The College is seeking to rezone these properties from a mix of commercial and residential zoning to Special Use (SU) for uniformity.

We are sorry if you missed the opportunity to meet with us via Zoom Webinar Wednesday March 10th and Thursday March 11th however, below you’ll find the PowerPoint presentation created by our partners at NES along with some of the Q&A.

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Q&A from Thursday Evening's Meeting

Why is CC asking for the SU zoning?

To ensure the current uses of the buildings are in line with city code.
Example- The piano tuners workshop is located in a garage zoned residential.

What are the development plans?

The College is submitting its request with an “as built” development plan; meaning we are not proposing any changes to any structures at this time. The request is merely a re-zone.

If no development plans exist at this point, why then is CC asking for the rezoning now?

We want to ensure that going forward, we are in compliance with city codes and zoning for our properties and their uses.

When will development plan(s) be submitted?

With our request to the city.

When (roughly) will development start?

There is no development at this time.

How does the Weber Re-Zone support the current CC Master Plan?

The College did not own these properties at the time of the 2015 Master Plan conception.

Are you going to better maintain your houses on Dale?

We always want to be a good neighbor, so if there are ever any specific concerns please share them with Facilities——and we will do our best to correct them.

Did you say that the proposals will be submitted concurrently? How long a process?

The minor master plan, zone change application, and the development plan will be submitted at the same time and are able to be reviewed by the city and by the public. The total process takes about 6 months from conception.

Are you committed to indefinitely preserving the historic buildings?

We want to be very transparent; this application does not include any modification or removal of any buildings. Indefinite is a very long time. We can only speak to this application. What is being proposed currently is only a rezoning measure to ensure the college is using its current buildings in line with city code. We will always work with our community to find the best solutions to the issues we are working to address. If we do plan on making any changes to this space, we will be meeting with the community again at that time.

What restrictions for use would the SU zoning place on the properties?

The primary answer to the question of use restrictions in the SU zone would be to reference Section 7.3.103 which lists the permitted and conditional uses for the SU zone (as well as other residential zones in the City). If the use isn’t listed in that table as being permitted (or conditional) then it is prohibited.

What assurance does the neighborhood and community have that the old structures will remain and not be torn down later?

The College does not have any plans to make changes to this space. If at any point in the future these things change, like a refresh of the campus master plan, this will trigger a new proposal along with community meetings.

Do you have a date for the Planning Commission and City Council meetings?

Not at this time, these dates will be set after our submittal. The dates should be on a green postcard from the city after submittal.

What steps would CC place on the historic structures on Weber to ensure that they are NOT removed?

Again, we cannot speak for this issue. This is a question more for our Board of Trustees and our new college president as it is their role to suggest what they envision for these areas and to make changes to our Master Plan.

Will this affect nearby tenant parking and does the College provide security for the block under discussion?

We do not expect this to affect parking in any way. The block has been updated for approximately the last 18 months and we expect it to be the same moving forward. We do provide security for this block.

It seems like the proposed use for all buildings is the same as they are being used today. The only exception is what was the yoga studio. Do I understand this correctly?

Yes, all of the current uses will be the same aside from the Yoga studio. The studio was a recent purchase, and the only plans are to be for campus support with no changes to the structure itself.

Can you commit to the R4 height limits?

At this point we do not have any plans for this space. In the future, if there are any changes to be made, we will be in contact with the surrounding neighborhood to start the discussions at that time.

Maintaining the historic structures is exactly what the Historic District is about. For all of the future. Why are you concerned about indefinitely preserving the historic structures?

Our concerns are more related to ensuring that however we utilize the structures; academics, offices, campus support, we want to be compliant with the city.

Is CC committed to maintaining the historic character of that block?

Colorado College has done a thorough job of committing to the historical character of the neighborhood and we expect that to continue regardless of what happens to these properties.

With a new President coming in July, why put forth the proposal now...when it might change?

We do not expect this proposal to change, this proposal only addresses the zoning discrepancies that lay in this area. Our goal is to bring these properties under the same umbrella as the rest of our campus.

Trust does not exist behind CC and the neighborhood. To talk as if past engagement has been in partnership/positive is not true. Thus, know that there is “fear” that down the road CC would build something that will not maintain historical presence if SU is approved.

This is unfortunate, and one of the main reasons we wanted to meet with the neighborhood before taking our application to the city. We want to be transparent and collaborative right form the beginning. Even if there were changes proposed for this block we will be sitting down and having these conversations and there is an absolute guarantee that nothing will happen without your feedback.

Am I hearing that no new sports facilities will be placed on this block?

We have no intent on changing the uses of these properties beyond the SU zoning. If any plans change in the future, we will be here to speak with the community at that time.

Are your current and future uses consistent with the current zoning?

Not fully, similar to the example of the piano tuner. We want to make sure that we are fully within the rules and regulations of Colorado Springs.

Having the new zoning of SU gives the property owners (CC) the legal justification for removing the historic structures so that use allowed under SU can be met.

Having the SU zoning allows the college to use the space in accordance with city code, but if the College wants to remove any buildings, we will need to submit a new development plan which would require additional community meetings.

Restating the prior question: let’s wait until the new president is onboarded and the master plan revisions are done and not redone now?

This is a minor amendment since the properties in question were not part of the initial discussion. Our goal is to use these spaces as they are designated to be used. Bring the additional properties under that same umbrella as the rest of the campus.

Why not make the piano structure OR rather than rezone everything to SU which is basically anything goes?

SU does not represent anything goes, to be fair and transparent. Submitting a development plan with the zone change request is important because it describes what all of the specific uses are. That is the same case for all of the buildings on campus. If the uses or development plans change, we will need to submit a new development plan. That itself limits and places boundaries on what the college can do along with the uses.

The development plan is tied to the SU uses - so we would like to see the development plan first.
All three will be submitted concurrently and will be available for review at the same time.

Will property owners in the area still be able to supply students with housing or will the school supply housing for 100% of their students in the future?
We do not anticipate ever being able to provide housing to all 2000 students on campus. We are very appreciative to you that you offer our students a place to live and so close to campus.

Under what conditions would you be denied the zoning change?

There is specific criteria within the zoning code and as an applicant we will need to meet those requirements.

Is CC buying additional properties beyond the current CC perimeter?

To the best of our knowledge CC is not in the position to buy any properties. As those properties have become available and as people have reached out to CC those have been looked at on a per opportunity basis. That is expected to be the path forward.

But if CC wants it, by definition it would comply with the SU zoning. For instance, the lots could be replotted into one lot and become a facility maintenance lot.

Is that possible, Yes? But to move in that direction would take an entirely different process, a new development plan, a new plat. None of those things are being proposed as part of this application.

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