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First Year Writing Portfolio

Writing Proficiency Requirement and First Year Portfolios

Strong writing skills are essential to academic success, professional achievement, and lifelong civic engagement.

In order to better ensure that all CC writers demonstrate a basic command of these skills early in their undergraduate career, and so that we might better identify those in need of assistance in this regard, all students, beginning with the Fall 2010 entering class, will demonstrate Writing Proficiency in the form of a successfully evaluated First-Year Portfolio or subsequent coursework in classes emphasizing writing. Writing evaluated in the First Year Portfolio will include an essay from FYE, a paper completed in a first-year course other than FYE, and an essay reflecting on these two writing samples and your experience as a writer during your initial year at CC.

First-Year Portfolios, submitted no later than the end of block 8 (block 4 for Winter Starts), will be evaluated by a team of CC faculty, with all portfolios receiving at least two independent readings. Writing in portfolios will be evaluated on three criteria: quality of thought, rhetorical sophistication, and mechanics (see Writing Evaluations below for further explanation).

An evaluation of excellent or competent work will fulfill the Writing Proficiency requirement. Students submitting portfolios evaluated as needs work (or students failing to submit a portfolio in a timely manner) will be required to successfully complete one or more designated writing courses during their sophomore year. These courses will be chosen in consultation with faculty advisors and Writing Program staff, and may fill All-College requirements or requirements in your major in addition to the Writing Proficiency requirement.

Class of 2014-2018 Writing Proficiency and Portfolio Requirements

Class of 2019 (and beyond) Writing Proficiency and Portfolio Requirements

Tracy Santa

Tracy Santa

Director of the Writing Center
Learning Commons
Tutt Library #160