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    WES Board of Managers 2019-20

    Judy DeGroot, President

    Karen Rubin, Vice President, Chair of Nominating Committee

    Lyrae Williams, Treasurer, Chair of Finance Committee

    Monique Michaud, Assistant Treasurer

    Judith Light, Corresponding Secretary

    Sharon Grady, Recording Secretary

    Patricia Aronstein, Chair of Program Committee

    Carolyn Dickerson, Database Manager, Co-chair of Membership Committee

    Amy Dounay, Chair of Scholarship Committee

    Pamela Fickes-Miller, Chair of Publicity Committee

    Nadja Hunter, Chair of Van Briggle/Fundraising Committee

    Cindi Zenkert-Strange, Chair of Membership Committee


    Mailing Address:
    The Woman's Educational Society of Colorado College
    14 East Cache La Poudre Street
    Colorado Springs, CO 80903

    Follow Colorado College:

    WES was founded in 1889 to give assistance to the students of Colorado College.


    WES Scholars

    Read about our newest scholars.


    Tamar Crump '23


    Rikki Held '23


    Sarah Higgins '23


    Gabriella Morales '23


    Clara Sato '23

    Returning WES scholars include:


    Sakina Bhatti ’22


    Dylan Hall ’22


    Cinea Jenkins '20 


    Allya John ’22


    Jennifer Lam ’22


    Tiffany McBride ’22


    Eva Parra '20


    Valeria Peralta '20


    Jessica Ramos '20


    Kristie Shirley '20


    Madeleine Tucker ’20

    The Purpose

    WES has a dual purpose of supporting scholars, but also bringing the community and the college together. A WES member today contributes to tuition and book allowances for 20 Colorado College women selected as “WES Scholars” for their achievement, academic and personal promise, as well as financial need. A WES member has many opportunities to interact with WES Scholars through social events, fundraisers, and campus activities. Currently, WES has 230 members.

    The "Quiet Work"

    Mary G. Slocum, the wife of the William F. Slocum, an early president of Colorado College, founded WES. Mary used the phrase "a quiet work" in 1897 to characterize WES’ accomplishments, from capital projects to equipment purchases to lectures to scholar support. Among its lengthy list of quiet works are the following highlights:

    • Built the first women's residence, Montgomery Hall (1890–91)
    • Gave a complete infirmary (1936), and helped equip the present one
    • Furnished the Special Collections study room in Tutt Library (1974)
    • Endowed the Southwest Studies lectureship "Women in the West" (1989)
    • Improved congregational lighting in Shove Chapel (1994)
    • Purchased a commercial stove to aid CC students who ran a community soup kitchen in Shove Chapel (1994)
    • Raised more than $110,000 in a campaign for the WES Scholarship fund (2005–2008)
    • Contributed $6,100 to the Richard F. Celeste Scholarship Fund, which was matched by the Walton Family Foundation (2011)
    • Published A Quiet Work Continues: WES in its Second Century (2014)
    • Celebrated its 125th anniversary (2014)

    The WES scholarship and other scholarships I received through CC played a huge role in my decision to attend this institution.” — Amairani Alamillo ’16

    “WES has made a huge difference, especially as far as the book scholarship. It has definitely reduced loans and financial stress on my parents.” — Kayla Fratt '16

    “We are proud of each WES scholar and her potential for a bright future. We want to make a positive difference in their college experience.”
    — Scholarship Committee co-chairs Elaine Derbenwick and Helen Knight