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Socio-Cultural Wellness

  • Multi-cultural respect and competence
  • Healthy, respectful interpersonal relationships
  • Values of tolerance, acceptance, fairness and justice
  • Contribution of the Community to individual wellness and vice versa

We enjoyed a fantastic panel discussion on the Ethics of Sex on September 1.  In case you missed the conversation, check out these Ethical Questions to Ask Yourself About Sex:

ethical questions about sex

You Can Play Video Project

The You Can Play Project is dedicated to ensuring equality, respect and safety for all athletes, regardless of sexual orientation.  Through the Colorado College You Can Play videos, we wanted to emphasize shared community values of respect for all people, living with integrity, and looking out for one another.  So far, three teams have joined the project:  Men's Hockey, Women's Soccer, and Men's Basketball.  We look forward to working with other Colorado College athletes to create additional videos.