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    Support is Always Available

    Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)
    Anna Thompson

    Office: Worner 219
    Phone (Monday-Friday 9-5): (719) 227-8101

    After Hours
    SARC On-Call: (719) 602-0960
    Counselor On-Call: (719) 389-6093, press 2

    Apply for START

    Please click the button below to open the application and learn more about how to become a confidential peer resource for students addressing Title IX concerns. Applications are due December 13th (third Friday of fourth block).

    START's Blockly Newsletter

    Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop! It is sent out once each block and includes START's available hours of the block, relevant events, the word of the block, frequently asked questions, educational information and videos, and more.

    Sexual Assault Response and Prevention

    Student Title IX Assistance and Resource Team

    New START Logo

    What is START?

    The Student Title IX Assistance & Resource Team (START) is a confidential peer-to-peer resource for students seeking Title IX-related support*.

    Title IX-related issues include gender-based discrimination, rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, and stalking.

    START members are students trained to provide resources and information for fellow students regarding the Title IX process at CC. We also provide information about other resources available on and off campus for Title IX-related issues. START is not, however, a resource for crisis situations.

    START is a student­ run organization that operates under the supervision of the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator’s (SARC) Office and works with the college’s Title IX coordinators.

    *START members are not advocates, nor do they sit in on any of the Title IX official proceedings.

    Navigating Title IX at Colorado College

    Schedule a Session

    How to schedule a session with a START member

    Email, letting us know that you want to book a session and whether you have a preference of day/time.

    Let us know if there's a particular START member that you'd like to meet with based on our bios below. That being said, please do not select a START member that you have a friendship or personal relationship with.

    Block 4 Available Hours

    Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 12.24.34 PM

    About the Sessions

    Sessions are 45-minutes long. Since START is not a crisis resource, START members are not available 24/7 nor do we have a hotline, so you must set up a session or email us to receive START assistance. Sessions cannot be made same day, they must be scheduled up to 24 hours in advance.

    Sessions can take place in a private place of your choosing, with the exception of in dorm rooms or homes. In order to ensure confidentiality, sessions must be in a private location. Common places people choose to meet include an upstairs Worner study room, the Interfaith House, or an empty classroom.

    START is a confidential resource. This confidentiality means that a session with a START member is not going to be shared with anyone, is not a report to the college, and will stay between the two of you.

    START members are not available during fourth week or block breaks but are otherwise available during their set hours.

    Who Are We?

    Susanna Penfield, Co-Chair

    SusannaPenfield-bio-photoHello! My name is Susanna and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I am a senior this year, and a double major in Political Science and Feminist and Gender Studies. I joined START as a freshman, in its inaugural year, and became co-chair as a junior. In addition to START, I play club rugby, lead NSO, work as an editor for the Leviathan (CC’s journal for art, poetry, & prose), write for the Catalyst, and serve as vice-president of Cutler Publications (the group that oversees independent student journalism at CC).


    Elliott Williams, Co-Chair

    IMG_0185-1Hello! My name is Elliott, my pronouns are he/him/his, and I'm from the small town of Norwich, Vermont. I am a junior Political Science major. I enjoy playing rugby and ice hockey, going for runs with friends, writing, and making art. I also volunteer at TESSA and have worked in El Paso County’s Domestic Violence Court, so I am knowledgeable about navigating these systems beyond the CC campus.


    Anna Stern


    Hi, I'm Anna and my pronouns are she/her/hers! I'm a senior from New York majoring in sociology and minoring in history. Along with being a member of START, I'm a tutor at the Writing Center. In my free time, I love watching stand up comedy and cooking with my friends.



    Stephanie Dewald, Title IX LiasonStephanie-Bio-Photo

    Hi! My name is Stephanie and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I am from the small mountain town of Truckee, California and am currently a senior majoring in sociology. I spent the last summer interning in the legal department of my town’s community resource center with a focus on sexual assault legal advocacy and crisis intervention. In my free time, I love skiing, camping and spending time with friends. Feel free to send me an email at with any questions about the Title IX Policy at CC. 


    Ellie Pfeiffer, Advertising and Outreach

    Ellie-Bio-PhotoHi! My name is Ellie and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I’m a junior romance language major and political science minor from Dallas, Texas.Here at CC, in addition to working with outreach and advertising for START, I’m a Spanish and Italian tutor and FYE Mentor. I love to travel around the world, connect with new people, and enjoy all that nature has to offer.



    Angelina Chen, Advertising and Outreach


    Hi All! I'm Angelina Chen, a sophomore from Guangzhou, China. I use she/her/hers pronouns, and I'm an Anthropology major. Outside the classroom, I listen to all kinds of music and work as a Bonner Fellow at Inside Out Youth Services downtown. At START, I work on the advertising/outreach team and the application committee. To make resources related to the Title IX process more accessible, I coordinate specifically with student organizations that dedicate to diversity, inclusion and equity. As a female-identifying Asian student from China, I recognize that a lot more work should to be done to make this seemingly intimidating process more relatable to everyone at CC. If your student organization would like to contribute to this work, feel free to reach out to us. And if you are ever confused about an experience, feel excluded by the discourse and services of gender-based violence, or just have some questions about what the Title IX process might look like for you, I’m available when you need START.