The Well Campaign

The Well Campaign is designed to promote the idea that IMG_2268wellness is a process-rather than being an end goal, wellness is something to continually strive for. The campaign builds on the holistic model of wellness to highlight five practices that help facilitate well-being: engage, relate, care, reflect, and rest.

The Wellness Resource Center uses the holistic model of wellness as the underlying philosophy for promoting students' health and well-being as whole people. The support and educational initiatives we offer reflect the understanding that the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, environmental, socio-cultural and financial aspects of our lives are all deeply connected. With this framework as the context for our work we aim to create an environment in which everyone can thrive and be well, a community that is inclusive, equitable, consent-oriented and trauma-informed. Striving for wellness-both personally and communally-is also a matter of justice. Some of the facets of the Well Campaign (rest, reflect) are more personal and others are more social (engage, relate), but each requires vulnerability, self-awareness, communication and an emphasis on growth.


  • Strive for open-mindedness and curiosity (not just in academic settings)
  • Apply your creativity and intellect when learning new things
  • Be self-critical
  • Be present in what you do and try not to over-commit (it's hard to engage when you're spreading yourself too thin)


  • Empathy: seeking to understand another person's experience
  • There's value in comparison: learn about yourself by learning about others
  • Be critical of individualistic thought


  • Self-care
  • Check in with your friends and communicate that their well-being matters to you
  • Being an active bystander as a form of community and environmental care


  • Are different relationships, endeavors, activities serving the purpose you want them to
  • What are you learning?
  • How have you changed through an experience or an event?
  • Personal (journaling, thinking) or social (conversations with friends and family)
  • Build in time to your routine to consider how things are going


  • Break up your routine to get rejuvenated
  • Sleep
  • Doing things you don't usually do
  • Resist narratives of productivity
  • Taking a mental break, distracting yourself, thinking about other things
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