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How to Help a Friend

At Colorado College, we value all members of our community and strive to create a positive, welcoming and supportive environment.  Therefore, a key focus for the Wellness Resource Center is increasing campus capacities for intervening and supporting community members in distress to get appropriate support and assistance. 

Peer Interventions are Powerful

When people are struggling with mental health concerns, they are often more receptive to interventions, information and help from their friends than from people they see as authorities.  Although it is sometimes difficult to know what to say, it is better to talk to the person than to ignore the problem.  There are many resources available to you to help you figure out how to have difficult conversations.  Here on campus, you can talk to a Counselor in the CC Counseling Center, the campus Chaplains and the Director of the Wellness Resource Center.  Additionally, there are student-run groups, like GROW that offer peer support.

The Wellness Resource Center offers Mental Health First Aid classes, where you can learn about mental health challenges, as well as the skills to intervene when you see someone in emotional distress.

There are also some great online resources. The University of Melbourne's Orygen Youth Health Research Centre has developed a number of Mental Health First Aid Guidelines which provide helpful information about mental health symptoms, guidelines for intervening with someone you know, and strategies for helping a friend get professional help. 

 Resources for Faculty and Staff

As faculty and staff at Colorado College, you may be the first to notice a student who is in distress or experiencing difficulties.  Early identification and response to potential mental health concerns is very important.  Learn more about the signs and symptoms of mental health concerns and challenges as well as the resources you can connect with.

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