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    Widgets are parts of your pages that contain special information.  Much of the content with special formatting or that needs special treatment is taken care of inside a widget, reducing the amount of time you have to spend working on it.  In this section you will find training on how to create, edit and add widgets to your pages.

    Naming conventions for widgets follow the same rules as do web page contents: Naming Content Containers

    See examples below to get an idea of how these widgets appear on webpages.

    You can display up to four cards in a row and select colors for the row. The more cards in the row, the slimmer the cards will be. Each row is a separate widget.

    Profile Listings Pages

    Called (people.html, faculty.html, staff.html, index.html) in admin screen, Profile Listings pages are those with the list of all faculty or staff members on one page. When you select "Lock for Editing" on this page, you will be able to make edits to each individual professor by selecting "Edit Content" above their name.

    Example Profile Listing page

    Profile Pages

    Profile pages (profile.html) are those that display the information of one faculty member on a web page. Although each different faculty member's information shows up on the profile.html page, notice that the url is different for each person.

    Example Profile page of one professor

    Looking to Convert to the 2018 BETA Template?

    Departmental Walk-Through Instruction Guide for Converting Department Websites

    General Walk-Through Instruction Guide for Converting Other and Office Websites

    2018 BETA Template Features Cheat Sheet for All Sites

    CC - Image Cards

    About Us

    Ahlberg Leadership Institute


    Clinics & Events

    CC - Event Listing (small)

    Event listings allow you to pull Event Items from anywhere on campus and display them on your pages.  You can also narrow it down so you only see your own Event Items. See the Event Listing training page for information on submitting events for your News Listings.

    News listings allow you to pull News Items from anywhere on campus and display them on your pages.  You can also narrow it down so you only see your own News Items.  See the News Listing training page for information on submitting news stories for your News Listings.

    CC - List of Links

    The "CC - List of Links" widget can be used to create a list of Related Links to other areas of the Colorado College site that are maintained by other Web Authors.  You can choose to link to any page from a pre-determined list.  If you have a request for a specific link to be added to the list, please contact us.

    Call out boxes for links offer more flexibility that the "CC - List of Links" widget.  In this widget you can select the text you wish for your link as well as any point the link to any Web address, internal or external, that you wish.


    Charlotte "Lo" Wall '19
    Web Communications Paraprofessional