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    For getting organized.

    List options in the WYSIWYG on Web Page Content items are either numbered or bulleted.

    How to create lists:

    • From the WYSIWYG in any content item, either highlight a portion of text or place your cursor where you want the list to appear.
    • Select either the bulleted list or numbered list icon from the WYSIWYG toolbar.
    • To indent a bullet or numbered list to a sub-level, click the indent icon in the toolbar.
    • To move a bullet back out a level, click the outdent icon in the toolbar.
    • To remove the list, highlight the list items and un-select the bulleted or numbered list icon.
    • Note: When highlighting text, each paragraph will automatically be changed to a list item.
    • Tip: Hitting the Return (Mac) or Enter (PC) key on your keyboard moves you to the next list item.  However, if you would like to have multiple lines per list item, you can use Shift+Return or Shift+Enter

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