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    Faculty/Staff Profiles

    Do you know the difference between Profile Listing pages and Profile pages?

    Profile Listings Pages

    Called (people.html, faculty.html, staff.html, index.html) in admin screen, Profile Listings pages are those with the list of all faculty or staff members on one page. When you select "Lock for Editing" on this page, you will be able to make edits to each individual professor by selecting "Edit Content" above their name.

    Example Profile Listing page

    Profile Pages

    Profile pages (profile.html) are those that display the information of one faculty member on a web page. Although each different faculty member's information shows up on the profile.html page, notice that the url is different for each person.

    Example Profile page of one professor

    Why it Matters to Know the Difference

    On profile listing pages, you will have the option to select “Full Profile >>" on any faculty/staff member. By selecting "Full Profile >> below a faculty or staff member's name, you will be taken to the "profile.html" page. This page is a normal webpage with only a widget on it called "simple widget" "#profile," which shows information for the faculty member above which you selected "Full Profile." When logged into dotCMS, it will appear that the profile.html page is broken, getting a message about "Velocity Extension invalid". This widget makes it so that the information you add into each separate faculty or staff profile (accessed by selecting "Lock for Editing" on the profile listing page) appears on the profile.html page as web page content.

    Updating Faculty/Staff Profiles

    Updating Profiles

    Faculty and staff profile listings are a list of separate, Banner-imported contents for each faculty/staff member. You make edits to each faculty/staff member by selecting “edit content” above their name on the profile listings page (i.e. "faculty.html," "staff.html" or "index.html"), which are the pages with the list of all faculty/staff members for the department or office. Each person has their own separate content container called a “profile" on profile listings pages, and we update these separately for each individual faculty or staff member.

    Walk-through on Updating Profiles

    Updating a Document Link on Profiles

    Need to update a faculty member's CV?

    Walk-Through on Updating Document Links

    Uploading/Updating a Photo to Profiles

    Need to update a faculty/staff member's headshot?

    Walk-Through on Updating Profile Photos

    Adding New Faculty/Staff to Profile Listing