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    Quick Reference Tips

    This page is intended to be a brief list of tips and information that you frequently want to refer to when using dotCMS and editing your site.  

    For a complete list of "best practices", please visit that section of the site.

    • dotCMS seems to work fastest on Safari for Macs and Firefox for PCs.
    • Remember to choose the folder when creating a new piece of content!
    • Regardless of which page your content item appears on in your site, it should be saved to the main folder in your dotCMS structure.
    • Naming scheme for "Title" fields is the dotCMS folder path along with content name, with dashes between each element (ex. other - wac - training - quick reference tips), and no capitalization.
    • If you are not seeing the changes to your page when you view it live, try republishing the page.
    • Common image dimensions:

    • Image LocationWidthHeight
      "People" pages thumbnails 200 px 200 px 
      "Horizon" department homepage 1300 px  370 px 
      "Placemat" department homepage 1300 px  635 px 
      "Three Column" department homepage 1300 px 175 px
      Office left side homepage and inside page  536 px  1067 px 

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