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    Downloadable Resources

    The "Using dotCMS" menu drop-down includes pages with tips, tricks, and how-to's that include short, explanatory videos, simple text guides, and detailed walk-throughs with screenshots that may answer many of your questions.

    While this section of the site will help you with understanding how to work in dotCMS, also check out the 2018 BETA Template to see various features and possibilities of the 2018 BETA template.

    Check out the resources below for PDF walk-throughs and reference guides.

    General Editing Basics

    Best Practices

    Downloadable resources outlining best practices and web standards for CC's website, dotCMS, and general strategy.

    Quick Reference Guide

    Detailed Guide

    Siteimprove Basics

    See the Siteimprove section of this site for information about getting started and using Siteimprove, our website optimization software, which enhances site accessibility, content quality, security and search engine optimization.

    Download our Siteimprove Basics document for fundamentals.

    Looking to Convert to the 2018 BETA Template?

    Departmental Walk-Through Instruction Guide for Converting Department Websites

    General Walk-Through Instruction Guide for Converting Other and Office Websites

    2018 BETA Template Features Cheat Sheet for All Sites

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