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Web Authors

This list intends to keep track of the current web authors for each department, office, and program. If you see something you like on someone else's page or if you have questions about how a page was accomplished, note that other Web Author Community members are using the same content management system as you.

To have an update made to this list, such as adding or changing a name, please email Eileen Kitrick at

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Academic Departments & Programs    Administrative Offices    Other Sites / Pages


Academic Departments & Programs

SiteWeb Authors
Anthropology Shanchuan Yin, Elizabeth Baker [paraprof] (9/2017)
Art Meghan Rubenstein (9/2017)
Asian Studies
Chemistry Tanya Cervantes (9/2017)
Classics Erica Hardcastle, Owen Cramer (9/2017)
Comparative Literature Erica Hardcastle (9/2017)
East Asian Languages Michelle Christiansen (9/2017)
Economics and Business Gerri Anne Reed, Jackie Dugan [paraprof]  (9/2017)
Education Anna Rue, Una Ng, Debra Mortenson (9/2017)
English Paula Pyne (9/2017)
Environmental Program Darren Ceckanowicz, Sharon Johnson (9/2017) 
Feminist and Gender Studies Heidi Lewis, Linda Inzer (9/2017)
Film and Media Studies Josie Cohen, Sophia Capp [paraprof] (9/2017)
French, Italian, and Arabic Teresa Latimer (9/2017)
Geology Mandy Sulfrian (9/2017)
German Christiane Steckenbiller (9/2017)
German, Russian, and East Asian Languages (G.R.E.A.L) Michelle Christiansen (9/2017)
History Joanna Poppiel (9/2017) 
Human Biology and Kinesiology Ann DeStefano (9/2017)
Mathematics and Computer Science Amy Pacheco (9/2017)
Molecular Biology Kelley Mathers (9/2017)
Music Lisa Gregory, Ryan Bañagale (9/2017)
Neuroscience Bob Jacobs (9/2017)
Organismal Biology and Ecology Emilie Gray, Zoe Moffett [paraprof] (9/2017) 
Philosophy Dennis McEnnerney, Rory Stadler (9/2017)
Physics Zoe Pierrat [paraprof] (9/2017)
Political Science Jessica Pauls (9/2017)
Psychology Mark Saviano (9/2017)
Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Studies Linda Inzer (9/2017)
Religion Tracy Coleman, Rory Stadler (9/2017)
Russian and Eurasian Studies (RES) Michelle Christiansen (9/2017)
Sociology Wade Roberts, Zora Jackson-Bartelmus [paraprof] (9/2017)
Southwest Studies Anabell Sintas (9/2017)
Spanish Teresa Latimer (9/2017), 
Theatre and Dance Shaylan Quinn (9/2017)

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Administrative Offices

SiteWeb Authors
Academic Technology Services                                                                                                                                                                                      Weston Taylor (9/2017)
Accessibility Resources Jan Edwards, Katherine Ruckstuhl (9/2017)
ADA Coordinator Jan Edwards (9/2017)
Adam F. Press Fitness Center Melanie Alexander (9/2017)
Admission Ashley Jameson, Brittany Jackson, Erica Shafer, Holly Murdock, Will Schiffelbein, Matthew Bonser, Kristen Clinton, Lisa Fletcher (9/2017)
Business and Finance
Butler Center Michelle Stallings (9/2017)
Campus Activities
Campus Activities - Arts & Crafts
Campus Safety Nick Calkins (9/2017)
Career Center

Andrea Culp (9/2017)

Chaplains' Office Brandy Lachocki (9/2017)
Children's Center
Club Sports Chris Starr, Melanie Alexander (9/2017)
Colket Center Nick Hertzog (9/2017)
Collaborative for Community Engagement Richard Bishop (9/2017)
Communications Karen To, Mark Lee, Eileen Kitrick [paraprof] (9/2017)
Controller's Office Sarah Hintz (9/2017)
Counseling Center Bill Dove (9/2017)
Course Catalog  
Dean's Office Tess Powers (grants), David Trevithick [paraprof], Elizabeth Montaño, Fran Toledo (10/2017)
Facilities Services Laurice Rovella (9/2017)
Faculty Development Brett Gray (9/2017)
Field Study Drew Cavin (9/2017)
Financial Aid Addey Vaters (9/2017)
First Year Experience Aaron Stoller, Gwen Nuss (9/2017)
Housing and Conferences Meghan (9/2017) 
Human Resources Lisa Brommer, Matt Cherry (9/2017)
Institutional Planning and Effectiveness  Ben Moffitt, Madelene Travis [paraprof] (9/2017)
International Programs Donna Beziou, Heather Browne, Inger Bull, Lisa Kosiewicz Doran, Katherine Ruckstuhl, Shiyanke Goonetilleke (9/2017)
Intramural Sports Chris Starr, Melanie Alexander, Andrew Obringer (9/2017)
ITS Chad Schonewill, Angie Bardsley, Katharina Groves (9/2017)
Colket Center Anna Webb, Jenn Sides, Brett Gray, Nick Hertzog (9/2017)
Learning Commons - QRC Anna Webb (9/2017)
Mail Don Kiick (9/2017)
Nationally Competitive Fellowships Roy Jo Sartin (9/2017)
Ombuds Office Libby Rittenberg
Outdoor Education David Crye, Rachel Abler (9/2017)
Collaborative for Community Engagement Jessica Copeland
Parking Nick Calkins (9/2017)
President's Office Lori Hamacher, Hanna Bautz [paraprof] (9/2017)
Public Interest Fellowship Program Lani Hinkle (9/2017)
Registrar's Office Candace Santa-Maria (9/2017)
Research Opportunities Lisa Schwartz (9/2017)
Residential Life Meghan Ortiz (9/2017)
SARP Heather Horton, Maria Mendez (9/2017)
Student Life Zak Kroger, Amanda Kolman (9/2017)
Student Accounts Amy Ingalsbe, Naomi Clark (9/2017)
Student Health Center Heather Horton (9/2017)
Summer Music Festival Gina Spiers, Sarah Tafoya [temp] (9/2017)
Summer Session Jim Burke, Katherine Ruckstuhl, Rosa Mora de Mondragon (9/2017)
Sustainability Andrej Blazhevski [student], Ian Johnson, Katy Dupree [paraprof] (9/2017)
Tutt Library Jon Driscoll, Annette Megneys, David Dymek, Daryll Stevens, Patti Spoelman (9/2017) 

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Other Sites / Pages

SiteWeb Authors
Academic Events Committee Jane Turnis, Kristie Damgaard (9/2017)
Advising Hub Jennifer O'Bryant (9/2017)
Alumni Brett Gray, Judy Kanagy, Kristie Damgaard, Debra Zarecky (9/2017)
Assessment Amanda Udis-Kessler (9/2017)
Banner Vineesh Kinda (9/2017)
Big Idea Jill Lange (9/2017)
Bridge Scholars Program Jessica Lopez (9/2017)
Compensation Committee Ian Johnson (9/2017)
Critical Perspectives Elizabeth Montaño (9/2017)
Diversity and Equity Advisory Board Madelene Travis [paraprof] (9/2017)
Global Scholars Program  Donna Beziou, Lisa Kosiewicz Doran (9/2017)
Emergency Preparedness Meghan Ortiz (9/2017)
Faculty Development Jenn Sides (9/2017)
First Mondays Kristie Damgaard (9/2017)
Health Professions Advising
Higher Education Opportunity Act Ben Moffitt (9/2017)
Homecoming Kristie Damgaard, Brett Gray, Lily Lauer (9/2017)
Honnen Kevin Sommer, Nicholas Winkelblech (9/2017)
Honor Council Alison Baird [student] (9/2017)
Innovation Institute Jill Lange (9/2017)
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Erica Hardcastle (9/2017)
Institutional Review Board Amanda Udis-Kessler (9/2017)
Library Partners Chad Schonewill (9/2017)
Library Partners Operations Group Chad Schonewill (9/2017)
Parents and Families Debra Zarecky (9/2017)
_Policies Ben Moffitt (9/2017)
Pre-Law Advising
Refugee Alliance Madelene Travis [paraprof] (9/2017)
Ritt Kellogg Fund
Sense of Place Ian Johnson (9/2017)
Sign into CC Manuel Rendon (9/2017)
Speech and Debate Zak Kroger (9/2017)
Staff Council Felix Sanchez (9/2017)
State of the Rockies Jonah Seifer (9/2017)
Student Guide
Amanda Kolman, Cesar Cervantes, Heather Browne (9/2017)
Venture Grants
Elizabeth Montaño (9/2017)
Web Author Community Eileen Kitrick [paraprof] (9/2017)
Wellness Heather Horton (9/2017)
Worner Desk Krystal Duran (9/2017)
Writing Program Anna Webb (9/2017)

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