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Naming conventions
for widgets follow the same rules as the Web Page Content item naming conventions.

List of Links:

The "CC - List of Links" widget can be used to create a list of Related Links to other areas of the Colorado College site that are maintained by other Web Authors.  You can choose to link to any page from a pre-determined list.  If you have a request for a specific link to be added to the list, please contact us.

Call out boxes for links offer more flexibility that the "CC - List of Links" widget.  In this widget you can select the text you wish for your link as well as any point the link to any Web address, internal or external, that you wish.  One caveat is that the "Important" check box should not be used with Departmental sites because the image associated with that functionality uses a different color than the Department page layouts.

Other Call Outs:

Other Call Out Boxes for any kind of information can be created using special formatting inside of a Web Page Content item.  Create a special container to give a piece of content a background color to make it stand out from the rest of the page.


Slideshows are a great way of displaying many images in one page in a compact way.  Rather than having a page with a bunch of individual photos simply listed, make slideshows out of the photos by grouping them in a logical order.  If you add a caption to every photo then a visitor can click on the "Information" icon in the corner of any image and scroll through the slideshow in a detailed view.


Videos can really enhance a page.  In order to use this widget, you will need to use either YouTube or Vimeo links to videos you have uploaded to one of those sites.  It would be best if you created a channel on one of these sites to organize all the videos you will be using.

Twitter Feed:

Twitter Feeds can be a great way of keeping people up to date about what is going with your Office or Department, and you don't even have to log into dotCMS.  You will, however, need to have a Twitter account, or set one up, and be able to "Tweet".  For more information, visit Twitter.

News Listing:

News listings allow you to pull News Items from anywhere on campus and display them on your pages.  You can also narrow it down so you only see your own News Items.  See the News Listing training page for information on submitting news stories for your News Listings. 

Event Listing:

Event listings allow you to pull Event Items from anywhere on campus and display them on your pages.  You can also narrow it down so you only see your own Event Items.  See the Event Listing training page for information on submitting events for your News Listings.