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Web Page Content

Haven't updated a page in a while and need a few quick reminders about working with dotCMS?  Lots of documentation is available, but here is a fast list of items that will probably help you get going:


  • To make finding and organizing Web Page Content items easier, you should follow the standard naming conventions.  For example, this content is named other - wac - best practices - web page content.
  • There should be no capitalization in the title.
  • Use a "space dash space" in between the names of the folders.
  • Each folder in the path to where your content is used should be included in the "Title" field. For example, other - is one folder level, followed by wac -.
  • Use spaces between the separate words in each folder name to make the title easier to search on, such as best practices in the above example.
  • If a page has multiple pieces of content (most will), use a name for that piece at the end of the title.  For example, if your introductory paragraph is on it's own in your page, use - intro at the end of the title.
  • If a piece of content is used on multiple pages, use the highest level of commonality for the title.  For example, the related links on every page of this site it titled other - wac - related links.


  • Save all of your content items in the main folder for your site. This will make finding it later a lot easier when it's not being used on a page. It also means that you will have less problems if your site ever needs any re-structuring.
  • If you are adding a new piece of content remember first and foremost that you must select the proper "Folder/Host" from the dropdown menu just below the title field - in fact, it's a good idea to get in the habit of doing this step before doing anything else when creating new content.


  • Links to any page inside of the Colorado College site should be created as "relative links", meaning that they only use the part of the address after "" beginning with and including the first "/".
  • Links to any page outside of the Colorado College site  should use the entire address to that site/page.
  • The "Title" field should be used whenever possible on a link (it sometimes interferes with lightbox and video captions) in order to allow screen readers proper access to the information and to provide a tool tip when hovering over the link.