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Tables are a valuable means of organizing and calling out content on your pages.  Based on the style of this site and best practices for using tables on the Web, here are some recommendations for how to approach using tables on your own pages.


One way to make table information more friendly is to organize it with background colors in the cells:

  • You can easily set every other row in your table to have a white background.  This should be used anywhere where it helps with the readabliity of your content.
  • Heading rows not only have a background color of white, but also a different bottom border to call them out.  You should always use a heading row if applicable.
  • While the background colors of table cells cannot be changed, the border colors can.  However, this feature should be used very sparingly.


You'll notice that you can set the width and height of your tables and the rows, cells, and columns they contain:

  • Please don't set your tables to be wider than the Colorado College page design allows.
  • You don't have to set the width of every cell in your table; just set the width of the cells in the first row and the other cells in each column will follow suit.