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    This page is meant to be brief and useful reference point for CC web authors to use when creating content for the web involving navigation (adding a section to your site, or creating a new site) in order to make our pages consistent and give each other guidance on important things to keep in mind when doing website work.

    General Recommendations for Navigation and Links:

    • Organize navigation by what makes sense to an outsider, not by organizational chart
    • No more than 8-10 links in a navigation list
    • Try not to have pages more than "3 levels" deep in your site
    • Do not use capitalization, spaces or special characters in the names of your folders or pages as it will cause issues with your URL.
    • Most navigation in your site should be created using folders, where the "index" page does not show in the navigation.  See the "How-to's" on creating navigation items.
    • Do not repeat link titles in the same section of navigation
    • Navigation should be present from every page
    • Navigation links should only go to pages within that section
    • Do not use years or dates in link titles (leads to broken / outdated links)
    • Links should almost always open in the same window (use open in new window sparingly, usually for files like PDFs or, in some cases, for links which are external to the site)
    • Make good use of in-line linking within paragraphs of content on your site

    Recommended Navigation (in this order) for Academic Departments / Programs:

    • About [Optional]
    • People
    • Courses
    • Major / Minor Requirements
    • Resources for Students
    • Research [Optional]
    • Facilities [Optional]
    • Alumni [Optional]
    • Other Dept. Specific Links [Optional]
    • News and Events

    Recommended Navigation (in this order) for Offices and Other Sites:

    • About [Optional]
    • People [Optional]
    • Resources [Optional]
    • Other Dept. Specific Links [Optional]
    • News and Events [Optional]

    Take a look at the full Information Architecture recommendations (written by our web design company, White Whale) for Academic Departments and Administrative Offices.