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This page gives advice on what to consider while in the process of migrating your site, information on where to store files for use on the new site, and a short checklist of tasks to complete before making your new site live.


In order to facilitate the transition, we've set up a network drive on which to share files - if you have a lot of cool images, videos, files, etc. to share with your WIT contact as they build out the new site, this is a much more efficient way of doing it than sending them via email.

The path for the network drive is:



MAC smb://software/webmedia

For instructions on mapping a network drive, see the Help Desk's how-to page on the subject

Site Launch Checklist:

When your site is ready to go, take one more good look at it. The following pre-launch check list is provided to help you evaluate the "go-live" readiness of your site.

Information Architecture

  • Are links in the site navigation menu written to make sense to the end-user rather than reflect organizational structure? (for example don’t use abbreviations, like ETS)
  • Do all links in the site navigation menu exist as part of the current site? (external links should go in a “related links” widget)


  • Have you checked the spelling on every page?
  • Has a human proofreader read all final content on the site?
  • Are introductory paragraphs used on key pages? (department home or section home pages)
  • Are meaningful headings and subheadings used to guide readers to the information they seek?


  • Are global CSS classes being used where appropriate? (for example "intro" for page introductory text, or "photo" for photos)
  • Do visual styles being used for content follow accepted best practices? (e.g. no centered-aligned paragraphs of text, no use of underline for non-link text)


  • Have you checked the site for broken links?
  • Do all images contain alt attributes where required?

Launching the site

  • Have the Web Working Group redirect the links from your old site to your new site.
  • Look for references to the site in the “CC – Links” content, and ensure that URL is updated as needed.
  • Ensure navigation to the new site appears where expected.
  • Do a search to check for references to your site in other sections. Those references will need to be updated to link to the new site. Alternately the references could use a piece of shared content that the Web Author will be able to update for others to use.