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Best Practices

This section is evolving into your source for best practices and Web standards information related to the Colorado College website redesign, dotCMS, and general Web strategy.

  • Migration - Gives advice on what to consider while in the process of migrating your site, information on where to store files for use on the new site, and a short checklist of tasks to complete before making your new site live.
  • Writing for the Web - Provides general recommendations for making the information on your pages "web-friendly". Looks at topics such as the tone and structure of your page content.
  • Web Page Content - Illustrates best practices to use when creating typical web page content contained in the body of your pages.
  • Tables - Recommendations for how to approach using tables on your own pages.
  • Uploading Files - Shares best practices and recommendation on where and how to upload files into dotCMS, such as PDF files and images.
  • Widgets - Demonstrates issues to consider when creating widgets for use on your site.

In addition to the answers and suggestions you will find here, please be sure to join us in the new Web Author Community forum that has been added to the Electronic Town Square.  Chances are if you have a question to post in the forum there are ten others that will benefit from the discussion.  Come in to browse the topics or do a specific search on something you would like to know more about.