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    This section is evolving into your source for best practices and Web standards information related to the Colorado College website redesign, dotCMS, and general Web strategy.

    • Writing for the Web - Provides general recommendations for making the information on your pages "web-friendly". Looks at topics such as the tone and structure of your page content.
    • Web Page Content - Illustrates best practices to use when creating typical web page content contained in the body of your pages.
    • Tables - Recommendations for how to approach using tables on your own pages.
    • Uploading Files - Shares best practices and recommendation on where and how to upload files into dotCMS, such as PDF files and images.
    • Widgets - Demonstrates issues to consider when creating widgets for use on your site.

    Best Practices: Do's and Don'ts




    • Provide appropriate alternative text (“image description”
    • Re-size image files before uploading
    • Re-name files before uploading
    • Do not use images in place of text


    • Ensure links make sense out of context
    • Do not write links as “here,” “click here,” or “read more”
    • Do not use the URL as the link text
    • Do not copy and paste dotCMS URLs from the browser’s address bar

    Email Addresses

    • Type out the entire email address as the link text
    • Select “OK” when asked to add a mailto: prefix



    • Provide appropriate, hierarchical document headings
    • Do not skip heading sizes
    • Do not format text (e.g., bold) in place of headings
    • Do not use headings for content that is not a heading (e.g., paragraphs)


    • Use the “intro” format if you have an introductory paragraph that you would like to stand out
    • Do not bold, italicize, or use headings for entire paragraphs
    • Never underline text


    • Unpublish a PDF directly in the folder that it lives in when removing an outdated PDF from a page
    • Be specific when titling web page content
    • Do not edit over someone else’s existing widget. Make a new widget instead.