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Putting it all Together

Here's an image with a little bit of everything discussed in the images best practices. It's a good example of how you would use images throughout the content areas of your pages.

Ballerina with "Photo" class and borderThis image uses the "photo" class and a one pixel border.  Additionally, there are ten pixels of space on each side of the image to keep it separated from the text of this paragraph.  The image is incorporated into an area with text, so it has been left aligned.  The original image is fairly large, so the dimensions have been adjusted to make it more of a "thumbnail" size image.  Because the image here is smaller then, the "lightbox" class was used on the link to the larger image so that a visitor can click on the image and see it in larger detail.  For instructions on how to do all of this to your own images, please refer to the images pages of the Tips, Tricks & Training section.