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Image Basics

Below are just a couple steps to take both before you upload your images to dotCMS and then once you are inserting them into your pages.

For how-to's on using images in dotCMS, see the Tips, Tricks & Training section for images.

Image File Preparations:

Most of your image editing should be done before you upload the file into dotCMS, which has limited image editing capabilities.  This practice will also help eliminate confusion when looking at your files in dotCMS and it will conserve space.  Review the recommenations for organizing your image files and learn more about the different ways you can upload images to use on your site.

Image Descriptions and Titles

It's very important when inserting images that you fill in a description in both the "image description" and "title" fields that you'll see in the insert image dialogue box.  This is extremely important because site visitors who may have screen readers or text-only browsers rely on these fields in order to understand your page.  See below for the difference:

It's very important to use the "Image description" and "title" field when inserting an image
This picture is good - both the "image description" and "title" fields were filled out (you can tell by mousing over the image for a few seconds, you get a text description) This picture is bad - neither the "image description" nor "title" fields were filled out, making this image impossible for screen readers or text-based browsers to understand (when you mouse over, no text appears)