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Colorado College has embarked upon a college-wide goal of creating a website that is academic, fresh, modern, and easy to navigate.

Second Year - The Goal

  • Migrate remaining sites to the dotCMS platform
  • Assist professors with migrating their content to Wordpress or to dotCMS as appropriate
  • Continue providing support to all academic departments and offices
  • Address feature requests as time and testing allows
  • Continue updating the dotCMS platform so that CC's website remains current
  • Bring together a community of web authors

First Year - The Goal

This first year we are coming together, supported by the Web Implementation Team (WIT), to migrate all department and office sites to the new system.  In subsequent years we will work to hone the dynamic content and begin to migrate other pages to the system.

The new Content Management System (CMS), called dotCMS, provides a flexible environment for creating and maintaining web pages.  The basis of using a CMS is to provide one application to house all of the college's web content, which you can easily access via standard web browsers.  This common application will allow you as a Web Author to edit content without having to buy software like Dreamweaver, learn how to use it, and deal with the associated problems.  In dotCMS, you can more easily apply the college's new design to all your pages, and even share your content with others who want to incorporate it into their own pages.

The Web Implementation Team (WIT) will be here throughout the process to provide support. Through WIT you will have access to help with information architecture, content migration, training resources and answers to any questions that may arise via the Web Author Community forum

Support at all levels will be available whether in department wide trainings, one on one, chat availability, videos, and tutorials for how to perform functions within the system.

Look forward to information on the progress of this implementation.  Visit us frequently to stay up to date with this project.

The Process

WIT has divided up the offices/departments to provide each Point Person with focused attention and to make the migration process as efficient as possible. The WIT contact assigned for your office/department/program will be contacting you shortly to work with you on the timing of your particular migration.  

  • The initial meeting will focus on goal setting, scope of the project, layout selection, and gathering of resources such as content, photos, files, etc.
  • With that information at hand the WIT contact for your site will begin migrating the bulk of the content and creating the information architecture for your new site.
  • Once a working draft of your site is created your WIT contact will meet with you again to review the draft website.  Changes can be made at this time.  Initial training of your office/department/program Point Person will begin at this point.  
  • It is much easier to begin learning dotCMS once content and pages are created.  Your WIT contact will walk you through the process of logging in, navigating to your information, updating/creating content, and more.  You will have become a member of our Web Author Community through this process.

After the final draft is agreed upon then WIT will switch over your site and make your new site live!