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2016-17 Grants Awarded

Alana Aamodt ’18 - “Understanding and Implementing the Engineering Design Process”

Ula Adamska ’19 - “The Great Wall of China Walk: Understanding Chinese society and values through walking the Great Wall”

Audriana Alvarado ’18 - “Food Production Systems: Restaurants to Street Foods”

Brianna Apodaca ’18 - “Religion and Food in Lima, Peru: An Anthropological Perspective”

Amelia Atencio ’18 - “Expanding Perspectives of the Book: Codex 2017 A Book Arts Symposium-980”

Ellen Atkinson ’17 - “Learning to Teach; Teaching to Learn: ESL at Intellect Academy in Gabes, Tunisia”

Lydia Ballantine ‘17 and Katie Lerer ’17 - “Sacred Spaces and Queer Identity in Texas”

Amaury Bargioni ’18 and Sarah Turi ’20 - “Spectrum of the Southwest”

Jamie Baum ‘18 and Jackson Paine ’18 - “The Canadian Melting Pot: Exploring Immigrant Identity Through Storytelling”

Kyra Bergsund ’18 - “Researching Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe, New Mexico”

Andrej Blazhevski ’18 - “Boston's Architectural Identity”

Braverman, Andrew ’18 - “A City Without Ghosts: The Writer, State, and Society in Buenos Aires”

Jack Buettner ’18 - “Modern Realities of Embargoed Pasts: An Exploration of Cuban Development through Photojournalism.”

Pelemarie Buika ’17 - “Roles of the Private Sector in Disaster Relief”

Genevieve Buzan-Dansereau ’18 - “Examining Expeditions: An analysis of environmental action along the Pacific Crest Trail”

Lani Chang ‘17 and Maya Williamson ’17 - “The Intimacy of Climbing: Sense of Place though Environmental and Cultural Connection”

Nathan Davis ’18 - “Intensive Ancient Greek Language Training”

Anna Doctor ’18 - “Exploring the development and use of grotesques in Renaissance Italy”

Luke Dorwart ‘18 and Brian Beitner ’18 - “Effects of invasive Brazilian Pepper on phenotypic variation in native palmettos”

Clare Ende ’19 - “Rhythm, Improvisation, and Meaning in the City of Love: Studying Jazz Music in Paris”

Olivia Foster ’17 and Samantha Saccomanno ’17 - “Aztec Women: Parallel or Subordinate Roles?”

Sofia Franklin ’17 - “David Dorfman Winter Dance Intensive”

Quinton Gattey ’19 - “Sustainable Agriculture in the Sub-Tropics”

Grace Geracioti ’17 - “Cultivating Cultural Connections Through Dance: Sharing Movement Between Colorado and Borneo”

Mitra Ghaffari ’17 - “Visual Narratives of Cultural Identity in Havana, Cuba”

Anna Gilbertson ’19 and Annabelle O'Neill ’18 - “A Critical Examination of Gender in Skiing: Effects of An Objectifying Culture”

Emma Gonzalez ’19 - “The Effect of Cuba's Shifting Geopolitical Climate on Organic Farming and Food Sovereignty in Havana”

Helen Griffiths ’18 - “De Toqueville et Moi: Two Journeys in America’s Democracy”

Kaila Hill ‘18 and Isabella Bussian ’18 - “Analysis of the Design and Culture of Tiny House Homeless Community in Sydney, Australia”

Casey Hofford ’17 - “Characterizing variation in the fungal endophyte communities of native Colorado grama grass (Bouteloua)”

Zoe Holland ’17 - “Plazas, Parques, and Public Space: Exploring the Democratized Urban Landscape of Mexico City”

Patrick Jurney ‘17 and Jhanna Ghotlieb ’17 - “An Exploration of the Art of Offering on the Yucatan Peninsula”

Emma Kautz ’17 - “Understanding Foodways of Confederated Tribes of the Colville Nation”

Emily Komey ‘18 and Siqi Wei ’17 - “Japan’s Regional Evolution in Organic Farming Through Increased Urbanization Pressures”

Rowan Kowalsky ’17 - “Geothermal Analysis and Development of the Hawaiian Ocean Island Hotspot in Comparison to Washington's Cascade Magmatic Arc.”

Jay Langford ’18 - “Civic Foundations and Local Identity of Northern Italy Cities”

Emily Laur ’17 - “Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in Africa: A Tanzanian Perspective”

Mitchell Leong ’17 - “The Western Influence on Japanese Weddings”

Emily Lucas ’17 - “Senior Thesis: The Environmental and Spiritual Importance of Oak Flat”

Madeline Lucy ’18 - “Astronomy in Thailand: Inspiring Young Scientists”

Anjolenna Lutz ‘17 and Sophie Ramirez ’17 - “Nostalgia Amidst Division: An Exploration of the Changing Role of Christkindlmärkte in Modern Germany”

Grabriella Magnani ’18 - “Composing Ovid at the International Summer Academy of Music”

Amelia Mead ’17 and Martha Walker ’17 - “A Closer Look at Voluntourism in South Africa and the Importance of Its Ethical Consumption”

Nicole Mills ’19 - “Breaking the Ice: An Ethnographic Study of Icelandic Peoples”

Kochi Nakajima ’19 - “What did Basho see in his 'Oku no Hosomichi'? How different is it now after 300 years?”

Julian Neylan ’17 - “Government Gangsters: The Shanghai Green Gang and the Guomindang 1927-1939”

Mary Nguyen ’18 - “Mozart's Grand Tour in Italy”

Genia Nieymeyer ’17 - “Le Fromage – An Exploration of French Cheese”

Margaret O'Brian ’20 - “Women Who Write: Explorations of Virginia Woolf, London, and a Room of My Own”

Maja Orlowska ’19 - “Tradition in the Face of Modern Culture and Destruction of the Amazon”

Alec Parry ’17 - “Danzig and Rimini: Re-discovering Günter Grass and Federico Fellini”

Evva Parsons ’20 - “Refugee Integration in Former East and West Germany”

Alejandro Perez-Hobrecker ’17 - “Understanding Outsider Art Forms: An Exploration of California Graffiti and Street Art”

Jake Peterson ’18 - “Exploring Jazz and Community in the American South”

Bethany Porten ’17 - “Exploring The Roles of Women in Contemporary Opera”

David Radke ’19 - “The Use of Hockey to Blend Israeli Children of Diverse Backgrounds”

Bryce Riffenburgh-Kirby ’18 - “Intrapersonal Impacts Of Communal Living: A Psychological Study Of Kalu Yala”

Carina Rodriguez Jaimes ’17 - “Self-Silencing and Depression in Adolescent Girls”

Sasha Sapp ’17 - “The Spaces of Galicia: Language and Representation”

William Sardinsky ’17 - “Gypsy Goat Lady: A Documentary on Ecological Perspectives”

Lilia Schmitz ’18 - “Finding Inspiration: An Exploration Through Writing of the Heart of Theater in the United States”

Alec Sheffield ’18 - “Modulation of Frontal Alpha Asymmetry with Static Magnet Fields”

Naoimi Sherman ’17 - “Researching John Luther Adams' Sound Installation in Fairbanks AK”

Ross Smith III ’2020 - “The Joy of Cold Water Surfing: Photo Book and Short Film”

Savannah Snell ’19 and Sophie Sither ’19 - “The Mazunte Project”

Mikala Sterling ‘18, Ian Hursche ‘17 and Issac Radner ’17 - “En Plein Air: An Artistic Approach to the Southwest”

Elizabeth Steucek ‘17 and Elena Dumbs ’18- “What is 'Heimat'? A study of German culture in Brazil”

Caitlin Taber ’17 - “Women in Museums: Unrecognized and Underappreciated”

Nicole Tan ‘17 and Angela Kong ’17 - “Narratives of Asian American Identities”

Mary Taussig ’17 - “Refugee Education”

Delaney Tight ’18 - “Ecotourism or Greenwashing: The reality of ecotourism in the Galapagos”

Madelene Travis ’17 - “In Pursuit of Identity: Photographic Exploration of the Self In Transition”

Sidharth Tripathi ’17 and Cheryn Aouaj ’17 - “Perspectives of the Refugee Crisis in Denmark”

Naomi Tsai ’19 - “An Analysis of Development and Environmental Impacts on the Camino de Santiago”

Gabriel Turpan ’18 - “Framing Cuba: a Photographic Inquiry Into Centro Havana Through Found Objects”

Rebecca Twinney ‘17 and Jessica Zhou ’19 - “Exploring the impacts of seasonality on the activity patterns of mongoose lemurs (Eulemur mongoz) at the Lemur Conservation Foundation, Myakka City, FL”

Soeren Walls ’17 - “Virtual Reality as a Medium for Theatrical Performance: Using the HTC Vive for a Combined Senior Thesis Project”

Ziyu Zhao ’19 - “Four Chinese Folktales: A Folk Critique of Aestheticism and Barbarism in Ancient Chinese Society”

Aiyu Zheng ’18 - “Exploring Chinese Environmental Education Organizations: Human-Nature Relationships, Education, and Community Construction”

Bingqing Zhou ’20 and Yuxiao Wang ’20 - “Amid the Confluence: Japanese living in Nanjing, China”