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2015-16 Grants Awarded

Terrell Blei '16 - "Bridging the Gap Between Foreign Aid and Sustainable Impact in Third World Healthcare: Building a Hospital in Iganga, Uganda"

Spencer Cooke '16 - "Chemical Analysis of Classical Neurotransmitters and their Major Metabolites in Rodents Following Probiotic Treatment"

Julian Dahl '17 - "Water Quality Monitoring Management on Squam Lake, NH"

Laura DiRusso '16 - "The Role of Geographical Surroundings in Spatial Reasoning

Samuel Elkind '16 - "Geologic Investigations of West Antarctica"

Kayla Fratt '16 and Andrew Ishimaru '16 - "Wilderness Reflections: Exploring and Understanding America’s National Parks"

Adam Hunter '16 - "Cognitive Mechanisms Involved in Mindfulness Meditation"

Dan Levitt (Dec. 15 Grad) - "Still Winning: Hope Amidst Despair in Jordan’s Zaatari Refugee Camp"

Daphnee Chabai '16 - "The Effect of Child and Teenage Popularity on Adult Self-Worth and Rejection Sensitivity Mediated by Contingencies of Self-Worth"

Jacqueline Child '17 - "Thinking to the Beat of the Music"

Isabella Egizi '16 - “Home"": an Adaptation of the Concept Album by Gavin Castleton"

Erica Evans '16 - "Using Clumped Isotope Thermometry to Study the Climate and Hydrology of Western North America During the Late Cretaceous"

Pranit Garg - "Exploring Refugee Crises"

Maryka Gillis '16 - "Exploring Place through Verse in the American Southeast"

Thomas Merrick '16 - "Environmental Ethic in the American Political Experience"

Charles Neaves '16 - "Sefaris Among the Ancients: A Study of 20th Century Greek Poetry in the Context of Ancient Greek Art and Culture"

Anubrat Prasai '17 and Soeren Walls '17 - "Exploring Theatre’s Symbiotic Relationship with European History, Culture, and Politics, and its Potential for Global Change"

Carly Stafford '16 and Molly Winston '16 - "Northern Lights and Norsk Linguistics: Experiencing the Untranslatable – How Language and Location Cultivate a Sense of Place"

Emma Whitehead '16 - "Governance and Political Outcomes in Linguistically Divided Societies"

Ellen Casey '17 and Naomi van der Lande '17 - "Drawing the European Landscape: Urban Gardens and Countryside Landscape in Paris"

Ian Huschle '18 and Isaac Radner '16 - "Changing Landscapes: A Sound Portrait of Big Bend National Park"

Jacob Jones '17 - "We Only See What We Look At: Gazing in Paris"

Shane Lory '16 - "Music in the Service of Political and Social Movements: Guy Carawan and the Highlander Folk School"

Julian McGinn '16 - "Heterosexual Men's Identification with Masculine Norms and Their Attitudes Towards Sexual Minorities"

Sophia Capp '17 - “The Eye, Heart, and Head”: A Street Photography Exploration of Instantaneous Storytelling (In Support of the 2017 Cornerstone Arts Week)"

Jacqueline Nonweiler '16 - "Curbing Effects of Mental Health Disorders: Knitting Circles and their Influence on Seasonal Affective Depression (SAD) in Iceland"

Karina Guerrero '16 and Kaimara Herron '16 - "Hamilton the Musical: Art and History in Practice"

Brent Lamb (Grad. May 2015) - "Internship at the Oehme Graphics Printmaking Studio"

Stewart Sarris '18 - "Environmental Landscapes in Art: The Australian Landscape and Surrounding Ecology"

Lena Englstein '16 - "Topics in Dance Studio: The Studios and Stages of New York City"

Nina Friedman '16 and Alec Sheffield '18 - "Investigating Memory Consolidation: An Independent Study in the Brain Computer Interface, the Experimental Procedure, and Programming"

Samantha Gilbert '18 - "How Living Simply Brings Happiness: An Exploration of the Self"

Brian Heng '17 and Alejandro Salazar '16 - "An Anthropological Look at Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away as Seen in Taipei and Tokyo"

Harvey Kadyanji '17 - "Digitizing the Tanzanian School Cabinet"

Tara Labovich '19 - "Exploring Philosophical Themes of Nature and Solitude in Dublin and County Clare"

William Sardinsky '17 - "Creativity, Comfort, and Collaboration: A Visual Investigation into how Space Impacts Viennese Coffeehouse Culture"

Casey Schuller '16 - "An International Comparison: An Examination of Masculinity in French Magazine Advertisements"

Toby McCall Sides '16 - "Film: 'Monrovia in Ruin.'”

Kimiko Tanabe '16 - "Unraveling Family Narratives: A Journey Through Japanese American Internment"

Travis, Madelene Travis '17 - "In Pursuit of Radical Empathy: A Case Study of Finding Peace through Storytelling"

Vanessa Voller '16 - "In Transition to Pono - an Exploration of the Synergies Between “Modern” Medicine and Native Hawaiian Healing Practices and Concepts of Health and Well-Being: How to Use Multicultural Myths, Ancient Tales, and Metaphor to Understand, Intervene, and Effectively Treat Eating Disorders on College Campuses" 

Shanchuan Yin '16 - "Food Culture, Social Distinction, and Value System in Chinese Society: A Ethnographic Research based on Fieldwork in Sichuan Province"

Rachel Lieurance '16 - "Mapping Food Policies in Colorado Springs through Seeds Community Café"

Christopher Wu '16 - "High/Low Art: Observing the Cultural Shift from the Art Institute of Chicago to the Hipsters of Wicker Park"

Elizabeth Alvin and Patricia Weicht - "Cultural Tourism and its Impact on Mayan Culture in Belize"

Emily Biben '16 and Jaxon Rickel '16 - "Immersion in Alexander Skutch’s Philosophy: Beauty, harmony, and anthropomorphisms in the birds and nature of Costa Rica"

Caitlin Canty, Jane Cavagnero, Madison Howard and Abigail Portman - "Culinary and Cultural Exploration: An Interdisciplinary Look at Cartagena, Colombia"

Tessa Carroll '17 - "Changes in Women's Body Image and Self-Esteem"

William Cohn and Cora Lubchenco - "The Land of Ice and Fire: Discovering Iceland Through a Glass Lens"

James Dinneen and Isabella Egizi - "Allison After a Fire: Producing a Show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival"

Alina Drufovka and Alicia Terry - "Iconic Art and National Identity: Understanding the Intersection of the Artwork of Fernando Botera and Colombian Nationalism

Soren Frykholm  - "Chile’s Generation Y: The Influence and Impact of the Pinochet Regime on the Identity and Social Consciousness of the Country’s Future Leaders"

Clara Houghteling - "A Woman’s Dress is a Standing Lie: Researching the Attire of Women’s Social Movements in the Late Nineteenth Century"

Emily Gardner and Maggie Mehlman - "The Performing Arts: An Exploration of Programs in British and Irish Secondary Schools."

Trevor Houghton and Jordan Keny-Guyer - "Sentiments in Havana: Examining the Reprercussions of an Increasingly Liberalized Economy in Cuba"

Salsabeel Khan - "How Changing Borders Affect Urban Space: Integration or Separation in Berlin"

Annika Kastetter - "Migrant Worker Rights and the Role of Labor in Development and Security"

Sumner Lawson - "Health on Hispañola: Borrowing Hope and Pursuing Promise"

Gabriella Magnani '18, Benjamin Pitta '18 and Nathan Wolfenbarger '18 - "The Michael Friedman Project"

Alexander Marshland - "Outdoor Recreation and the Environment: An Analysis of Mountain Bike Trail Access and Historical Land Use in the Swiss Alps"

Madeline Murphy '19 - "Social Environmental Effects of the First Offshore Windfarm in the United States

Celia O'Brien '18 - "Teachers at Busesa Mixed Day & Boarding Primary School, Uganda"

Anya Powers - "A Wee Separation of Church and State: Scotland and England"

Alison Rowe '16 - "Attributions of Agency in Forgiveness"

Hannah Tilden '16 - "The Impact of Twilight Tourism on Identity Development and Economic Security in Forks, Washington"

Mercedes Whitman - "An Ethnographic Study of Cuban Food in Miami and Havana"

Emilia Whitemer '16 - "Drive Thru Love: A Documentary Film Study of Las Vegas Wedding Chapels"

Salvador Bastien '16Erin Burk '18, Colin Chupik '16, Joe Purtell '18 and Nina Riggio '17 - "Beyond Red Stone: A Study of Ethics and Aesthetics in the American Southwest"

Jared Bell - "Researching the Haitian Diaspora in Hispaniola"

Elsa Bonyhadi - "Urban Landscapes and the Somatic Experience: Making Art in Europe"

Aurelia Carrillo - "Globalization and Cultural Preservation in the Camargue"

Esther Chan and Sachi Ishida - "Going Home: A Film Exploration of Vietnam and Japan"

Lani Chang - "Cuba’s Second Revolution: Social and Environmental Implications for Urban Agroecology in Havana, Cuba."

Jaden Combs and Morgan Novy - "A Comparative Cross-Cultural Study of Food Trucks in Austin"

Leslie Dinkin '17 and Andrew Kirvin-Quamme '17 - "Exploring Utopianism in an Estranged Community"

James Dinneen and Max Hittesdorf - "Intersectional Musicology at the MaerzMusik Festival in Berlin, Germany"

Gabriel Fine - "Reading and Writing the Literature of Pilgrimage: Venture Grant Proposal to Walk the Northern Trail of the Camino de Santiago"

Mariko Foecke - "Potential Competence Genes in ADP1 (Acinetobacter baylyi)"

Elizabeth Forster - "The Effects of Industrial Outdoor Recreation: Iceland's Outdoor Tourism Boom

Katherine Guerrerro - "Conservation in Southern Africa: An Investigation into Environmental Policies of Angola and South Africa"

Chandler Jacobson - "Land Usage of a Group of Wooly Monkeys (Lagothrix lagotricha poeppigii) in the Ecuadorian Amazon"

Anita Lombri - "Accelerators: Investigating the Various Development Phases & Strategies of Startup Companies

Baheya Malaty and Alta Viscomi - "Interrogating the Intersection of Queer and Decolonize Movements"

Eliza Mott and Sophia Skelly - "Shredding the Third Wave: Feminist Perspectives in Surfing"

Bryce Riffenburgh-Kirby - "Lostness in Scotland: Exploring the Creative Effects of Place and Solitude on Perception of Self and Reality."

Jeronimo Sexton - "Son Jarocho: An Expressive Cultural Practice Transcending Exclusionary National Borders"

Adam Sterry - "Ecology and Ethnography of Climate Change: degraded reef ecosystems and repercussions for subsistence fishing."

Caitlin Taber - "Film and France: The Importance of Film Festivals" 

Nicole Tan - "Exploring Migratory Flows in Latin America"

Katelin Teigan and Joyce Zhang - "The Chinese Collaboration Between Neuroscience and Psychoanalysis: Finding What's Been Lost in America"

Andrew Allison-Godfrey and Jakob Chandlers - "Portland to Portland: An Exploration of Small Town America Through Its Residents"

Toren Andrewson - "The Street Food of Mumbai"

John Borah and Alex O'Neil - "Shark Tag & Recapture Study In and Around the Historic Boca Grande Pass"

John Burns - "The Valuation of Recreational In-Channel Diversions: An Application of the Contingent Valuation Method"

Maia Chin - "The Social and Political Impacts of Roman Architecture in Southern France"

Lee Junkin - "The Effects of Seasonal Tarpon Fishing on the Ecology and Culture of the Island of Boca Grande, Florida"

Jhana Gottlieb - "Rules Unspoken: Informal Institutions in China-Latin America Relations"

Jack Gurr - "Augusto Pinochet's Memory in Santiago, Chile's High School Education System"

Anne Hale and Maya Williamson - "An Exploration of Kawaii and Amae in Regard to Gender Roles and Expression in Japanese Society"

John Higham - "Evaluating the Economic Benefit of Potential Access Improvements t Bouldering at Lincoln Lake, CO"

Erica Jamieson - "West in the East: Exploring Westernization through Art in Rural China"

Julia Lauzon - "Iron status of NCAA Division I Female Athletes after an Intense Phase of Training and Competition"

Julian McGinn - "The Life and Work of Oscar Wilde: Examining the Relationships between Homosexuality, the Aesthetic and Decadence Movements, and the Roman Catholic Church"

Eva McKinsey - "Our National Parks’ Portrayal of American Democracy"

David Melone - "Writing in the Mountains"

Meredith Parish - "An Exploration of Tree Species along the Camino de Santiago"

Emily Phillips and Samantha Zarling - "To Ban or Not to Ban: An Exploration of Australia’s National Firearms Agreement"

Eli Sashihara and Gabriel Sashihara - "From College Band to Professional Group: Recording Most Bodacious’s Debut Album"

Audrey Wang - "Science and Sushi: Detection of Mercury and the Practice of Cognizant Consumption"

Nicholas Weber - "Annual Conference of the Animal Behavior Society: Fiddler Crab Spatial Vision"

Jennifer Welden - "Layers, Light, and Dancing Rainbows: Deriving My Senior Thesis Exhibition from Gaudi’s Tiles Planes."