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2014-15 Grants Awarded

Arina Abbott '15 and Salvador Bastien '16 - "Immersion Through Observation: Channeling O'Keeffe and Adams in 'The Costa Rica Pictures.'"

Nebeu Abraha '17 - "The Art of Dance: An Investigation of the Importance of Dance in Ethiopian Culture."

Paul-miki Akpablie '15 - "Building an African Market: Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs on the Rise."

Cherylyn Alderfer '16, William Clary '16, Benjamin Criswell '16, Evan Levy '15, Ellen Rigell '15, Laurel Sebastian '15 - Artistic Interpretations of the Desert

David Andrews '17 - "A Search for the Literary Spirit of the John Muir Trail."

Toren Andrewson '17 - “The Chemistry Behind the Food of Thailand.”

Lauren Antonoff '15 - "'Where Land Meets Water' A Documentary about the Effects of Tourism and Globalization on Contemporary Mexican Society."

Jessica Badgeley '15 and Betsie Hopper '15 - "Horseback Geologic Survey of Bear Basin Ranch."

Morgan Bak '15, Niall Griffin '16 - "The Business of Art and Music in Contemporary Times: A Case Study of Sasquatch Music Festival."

Rayna Ben-Zeev '15 and Alec Sarché '16, aka TWIT Ensemble - "The Windy TWIT-y: Improv Comedy in Chicago."

Rebekah M. Barnett '15 - "WWOOFing Thailand: What Role Does Ecotourism Play in Thailand's Sustainable Food System?"

Nicholas Bernstein '15 - "Distribution and Expression Levels of NECAB 1, 2 and 3 Throughout the Developing Rat Central Nervous System."

Lykkefry Bonde '15 - “Engagement with Spiritual Practices in the Rocky Mountains.”

Dontene M. Bonnet '16 - "Influence of Tool Use on Hand and Wrist Morphology."

Eliza Brilliant '16 and Michael Raab '15 - "Spiritual Awakening on the Te Araroa."

Jacob Brodsky '15 - "Beliefs and Judgments about Gender."

Colleen Cahill '15 - "Audubon's Inspiration: Photographing Native Birds of Central Florida and Southern California."

Anna Cain '16 - "Ulysses Today: The Commercialization of Joyce in Modern Ireland."

William Carson '15 - "Portrait of a Place: Traversing Montana's Tongue River Valley on Horseback."

Francisco Castro '15 - "A Comparative Study Between Craft Brewing in the U.S. and the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Production of Italy."

Daphnee Chabal '15 - Research at the "Junior Research Programme" of the European Federation for Psychology Students Associations.

Melissa Chizmar '15 - "Placemaking for Resilient Cities: Exploring Designation and Use of Public Space in København."

Colin Chupik '16 - "Earthquake Hazard Assessment Through Trenching Along the Alpine Fault, New Zealand."

William Clary '16, Jason Stern '15 - "Damming in the West: Bringing Awareness of the Effects of Damming in the Southwestern United States Through an Artistic and Literary Lens."

Caleb Cofsky '17 and Mollie Podmore '17 - "Listen to the River Sing Sweet Songs: Exploring the Stages of Dam Removal in the Northwestern U.S.”

William Cohn '15 - "Retreating Glaciers: Climate Change and the Cordillera Blanca."

Kjersten Conway '15 - "Stereotype Threat in Individuals with a History of Mental Illness."

Abigayle Cosinuke '16 - "Gathering Blue: Studying Shibori in Japan."

Evan B. Craine '15 - "Biochemistry of RuBisCo."

Dana Cronin '16 and Rayna Nolen '17 - “The Camino de Santiago: The Journey to Self Discovery.”

Brooke Davis '16 - "Mirror Self Recognition in Beluga Whales."

Marin Day '17 - "Food for Thought: An Exploration of International Food Movements."

Andrew DesLauriers '16 - "Documentary Photography in Interior British Columbia."

Alina Drufovka '16 and Jarod Rutledge '16 - "An Ecovillage Case Study in Peru: Sustainability and Ecotourism at EcoTruly Park."

Camille Febvre '15 and Nick Hall '15 - Research based internship at CalTec Astrobiology lab.

Ben Feldman '15 - "The Psychology of Climate Change Denial."

John Finch '16 - “Exploration Snow Leopard Conservation: Upper Mustang, Nepal.”

Hannah Fleming '17 - “Pilgrims and Place: A Journey on El Camino de Santiago through Photography and Poetry”.

Graham Frank '15 - "Microsatellite Analysis of Population Differentiation in the Rare Plant Astragalus microcymbus to Clarify Conservation Requirements."

Kayla Fratt '15 - "Stress Behaviors and Housing Conditions in Relation to Zoo Rankings in Great Apes."

Nina Friedman '15 - "'A Game to Map the Brain' at MIT: Participating in a Citizens' Science Start-Up."

Soren Frykholm '16 - "Going the Distance: The Effects of Travel on Team."

Lydia Garthwait '17 - "Anthropology of the Two-Wheeled Variety."

Hanna Gebregzi '15 - "An Exploration of Maternal Women's Attitudes Towards Seeking Medical Care: A Case Study at St. Mary's Hospital in Axum, Ethiopia." See note to right.

Rachel Gibbs '15 - "Phylogenetic and Taxonomic Revision of the Spider Genus, Griswoldia."

Ellie Gilbertson '16 and Cora Lubchenco '16 - "Healthcare Volunteerism: Initiating Lasting Change with More than a Prescription."

Madeline Goldman '15 - "'Selection' into Cohabitation Risk Factors for Divorce: Serial Cohabitation, Attitudes Towards Marriage and Personality."

Evalyn Grant '15 - "The Value of Open Space to the Colorado College."

Alec Grushkin '15 - "Globalization Through Story: A Venture Grant Proposal to Travel to Thailand and Write Short Stories about my Experiences."

Desiree Hartman '16 - "Investigating Effective Collaboration Development Through Studying the Collective Impact Model and Continuous Communication."

Andrew Huemmler '15 and Austin Miller '15 - "Building Practices and Erosional Impacts on Mountain Biking Trails of the American Southwest."

Willa Hanf '15 - "Exploring the Cultural and Political Implications of Chinoiserie Art on the 17th Century French Court."

William Hannum '15 - "Sculpture Exploration: Styrofoam and Silicone."

Fischer Hazen '15 and Ben Justman '16 - "Comparative Snowpack Assessment and Analysis: An Exploration of the Canadian Rockies."

Frances Heiss '15 - "Web of Life: Restoration and Preservation of Navajo Textiles."

Ryan Huettel '17 - "The Delicate Balance of Football and Society: Examining the Results and Repercussions of Scotland's Offensive Behaviors Act."

Erica Jamieson '16 - Summer NGO Internship Opportunity in Nepal.

Mary Jones '15 - "Girls' Soccer in Jordan: Culture, Politics and the Prospects for the Beautiful Game."

Patrick Jurney '16 - "National Parks and the Andean Wilderness: A Comparative Analysis of Land Management between the Southern Cone and the United States."

Jon Jacob Kirksey '15 - Independent Research Experience at CU Boulder.

Andrew Kirvin-Quamme '17 and Gregory Smith '17 - “Waking Delight Once More: Poetry in the Pyrenees.”

Oscar Lai '15 - "Practicing the Culinary Arts in Colorado."

Erik Laitos '15 - "Granadinos Nuevos: Historical and Contemporary Migration to Granada, Spain."

Isabel Leonard '15 and Sarena Lesem '15 - Trekking and Creating Field Journals in Belize.

Peter Levin '15 - "Living Rivers: Comparative Regional Flows."

Julia Liao '15 - "Self-Perception and Environmental Behavior."

Lea Linse '16 - "Searching for Self-Determination and a Sense of Belonging through Rock Climbing."

Caitlyn McCarty '15 - "The Intersection of Materiality and Meaning in Medieval Irish Illuminated Manuscripts in Dublin, Ireland."

Terra McDowell '16 - "Addressing Urban, Rural, and Indigenous Community Healthcare in Bolivia."

Rachel Maremont '15 - "Field Research and Advocacy for Unaccompanied Child Immigrants in the Rio Grande Valley."

(Elizabeth) Hannah Marshall '16 - “Glacial Dynamics and Expedition Training on the Juneau Ice Field.”

Lucy Marshall '17 - "Culture and Fishing in Northern Peru: The Cultural Impacts of Climate Change and Globalization in Huanchaco, Peru."

Evan Mega '15 - "Cycling: Software Analysis for Effective Training."

Carly Merritt '18 - "Forty Years Later: A Look at Local Culture Surrounding Ozark National Scenic Riverways."

Beril Mese '15 - "Transnational Composers in the American Academy: Case Studies of Two Cosmopolitan Musicians."

Emily Michels '15 - “Avoiding the Embryo: Examining the Ethical Dilemmas of Religious Communities in Colorado Springs Surrounding Embryonic and Adult Stem Cell Research”

Noah Miller '16 - "Experiencing Writing on the John Muir Trail."

Kevin Moss '15 - "Investigating the Current Management Policies and Practices of the National Park Service in Regards to Climate Change."

Morgan Mulhern '17 - "A Taste of Culinary Culture in Latin America."

Claire Myerscough '15 - "The Impact of Alcohol Consumption on the Decision to Hookup, Communication of Consent, and Evaluation of the Event."

Emily Naranjo -Sturzenegger '15 - "Symbiotic Design in Andalusia's Pueblos Blancos."

Mark Parlier '15, Ellen Rigell '15, Jaclyn Silsby '15 - "Flammulated Owl Research at the Manitou Experimental Forest."

Tonya Pavlenko '15 and Abby Stein '15 - "Art Studio Capstone Studies: Artistic Exploration in New York."

Nina Riggio '16 - An Investigation into the Deterioration of the Subculture of the Mardi Gras Black Indians in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina through Photography and Film.

Jack Rodat '15 - "Exploring the Persistence of Traditional Japanese Values in Today's Architectural Masters."

Nicholas Roman '16 - "Monkey-Wrenching Across Utah: Exploring the Colorado Plateau on the Hayduke Trail."

William Rushton '15 - “Senior Thesis: The Role of Artistic Experience in Face Processing.”

(Lewis) Parker Schiffer '15 - "Psychology of Happiness" Thesis Research.

Lauren Schmidt '15 - "The Turkish Experience: Analyzing the Economic Agency of Syrian Refugees."

Madeleine Schmidt '16 - "The Music Never Stopped: Reporting on the 50th Anniversary of The Grateful Dead."

Lindsey (Lindsay) Semel '15 - "Paul Bowles and Mohammed Choukri: The Ethics of Literary Translation in Post-Colonial Tangier."

Kelsey Skordal '15 - "Exploring the History of Printmaking in Minneapolis and Chicago."

Veronica Spann '15 - "Farm to Function: A Photojournalistic Approach to Re-Enchanting Fabric Made From New Zealand Sheep."

Andrea Stephens '15 - "Personality Differences Between Individuals Behaving As Homo-Economicus."

George Bailey Stockdale '15 - "Applied Remote Sensing with UAVs - Using a Long Range Multirotor Platform for Data Collection and Analysis."

Alex (Alexander) Suber '15 - Production of senior Capstone film: "Hitched."

Jake (Jacob) Sullivan '15 - "Positive Emotions and Cognitive Broadening."

Rachel Sussman '15 - "Understanding Research in Arctic Carbon Cycling."

Anna Suszynski '16 - May "What My Grandmother Left Behind: A Journey to Understand My Spanish Family through Writing."

James Terhune '15 - "Independent Contractors, The Precariat, and the Uber Revolution: The State of Labor in the Sharing Economy."

Davis Tutt '15 - "St. Paul's Cathedral: An Empirical Solution to the Great Fire of 1666."

Krithika Vachali '15 - "The Bangalore Queer Film Festival: A Public Performance of Queerness in India."

Luke Walden '17 - "Marijuana Legalization in Colorado: A Critical Exploration in Sequential Narrative."

Henry Weaver '16 - "The Four Corners En Plein Air."

Mariah Weaver '15 - "Population Density Estimates of Southern Lesser Galago (Galago Moholi) and Thick Tailed Galago (Otolemur Crassicausatus) Species in Sympatry: Comparing Two Methods of Calculating Population Densities."

Meghan Quinn Webb '15 - "Econometrics for Artists: A Study on Live-Music Venues and Nonprofit Education in the Arts."

Maia Wikler '15 - "Schema Analysis of Popular Discourse on Aboriginal Rights and Cultural Preservation in British Columbia, Canada."

Maya Williamson '16 - "Language and Culture in Senegal: An Educational Perspective."

Jenna Wu '17 - "Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong: Photographic Interpretation of Ancient Versus Modern Design in the Context of Chinese Urban Development.”

Samantha Zarling '16 - "Soccer Without Borders: Using Soccer to Bring Positive Change to Granada, Nicaragua."

Hadar Zeigerson '15 - "Face Discrimination and Identification: An Exploration of Categorical Perception."

Noah Zemel '15 - "The Smart Greenhouse: Construction of a Fully-Automated, Arduino-Based Greenhouse."