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2013-14 Grants Awarded

Eve Aaron ’15, “Observing the Relationship between Space and Ritual”

Kylie Anderson ’14, “Wyoming and New York City: Drawing Comparisons between the Urban East and Rural West”

Joel Begay ’14, “Healthcare Accessibility in the Pascua Yaqui & Tohono O’odham Tribes”

Julia Belamarich ’14 and Ruth Markwardt ’14, “Studying Desert Art and Philosophy in Joshua Tree, California”

Morgan Bessette ’14, “Embodied Power and Stereotype Threat”

Meredith Bird ’15, “The Trail Will Always Provide: A Look into the Universal Philosophy of the Appalachian Trail”

Erin Bostic ’15, “Urban Environmental History of Red Rocks Open Space in Colorado Springs”

Jacob Brodsky ’15, “Travel to South America to teach English to Brazilian students in the Amazon”

Timothy Bruns ’14 and Mark Harris ’14, “Wadi Climbing: Bringing New Recreational Opportunity to Palestine”

Amber Burkhart ’14, “Food Security in India”

Ross Calhoun ’14 and Max Ciaglo ’14, “Flammulated Owl Fall Migration” 

Aaron Chin ’14, “Social and Environmental Externalities of the Global Tourism Business: Connecting the Global to the Local in Southern Thailand”

Jordan Clementi ’15, “Constructing a Colonial and Post-Colonial Identity: Investigating Algeria’s Colonial Identity through Historical Documents”

Olivia Coble ’14, “How to Keep Memories Alive: A Case Study of the National Outdoor Leadership School”

Katherine Coe ’15, “Behavioral Study on Reproductive Suppression in Female Tamarins”

Hallie Comfort ’14, “Thermodynamic Examination of the Excluded Volume Effect of TPP-binding Riboswitch DNA Bulge and RNA Core Helix”

Michelle Cully ’16 and Lucas Elliott ’16, “Phylogenetics of Sub-Groups Acroniae and Ancipitia-Colombiana in the Orchid Genus Pleurothallis”

Kathryn Dalton ’16, “Santa Fe in Ceramics”

Dana deLaski ’14, “Art and Architecture in Istanbul and Spain”

Jed Doane ’14, “Walking Together: Public Health and Outreach Medicine in Eldoret, Kenya”

Ashleigh-Rose Don ’14, “Processing the Past through Creativity and Visual Memory”

Roy Dornbrook ’15, “Conducting Hematopoietic Stem Cell Research at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Mass.”  

Alexandra Drew ’15, "Exploring the Human Environmental Impact of Trekking on Ol Doinyo Lengai in the Absence of Firm Environmental Use Policy”

Joseph Eisaguirre ’15, “Spatial Variation of Golden Eagle Diet, Nest Site Productivity, and Nest Area Landscape Characteristics on the Seward Peninsula, Alaska”

Benjamin Feldman ’15, “Mole: A Gastronomic Exploration of Oaxaca” 

Kayla Fratt ’16, “Home Tree Selection in Otolemur Crassicaud and Galago Moholi” 

Alexandra Freeman ’14, “Exploration of Chilean Culture and Landscape through an Artistic Lens” 

Mari Gades ’14, “The Relation between Aggression Subtypes, Theory of Mind, and Pro-Social Behavior in Young Children”

Rembrandt van Rijn - Christ Presented to the PeopleGrace Gahagan ’14, “Physical Examination of Rembrandt van Rijn’s Christ Presented to the People”

Caley Gallison ’14 and Annie Taylor ’14, “The Effects of Encroaching Edge Habitat on Songbird Abundance in Everglades National Park, Florida” 

Rebecca Gasperoni ’16, “From Lost to Found in the Presidential Range: An Exploration of Creative Non-Fiction Adventure Writing”

Ellen Gilbertson ’17, “Study of Sexual Health Education in Masara, Kenya"

Addis Goldman ’14, “Globalization & Architecture: Investigating the Survival of National Identity at the Venice Biennale”

Shayla Gordon ’14, “The Big Move: An Ethnographic Exploration of Young Artists in New York City”

Evalyn Grant ’15, “The Social Networks and Innovation of Organic Farmers in Southern France”

Bradley Green ’16 and Adam Young ’16, “Documenting Drought: Exploring the Effects of Severe Drought in California, from the Snowpack to the Sea”

Niall Griffin ’16, “Sleep/Hibernation Study of Fat-Tailed Dwarf Lemurs”

Tania Guzman ’15, “Study Indigenous Weaving Techniques in Guatemala” 

Nathan Hahn ’14, “Human-Wildlife Conflict in Central India: A Study of the Relationship between Tigers and People in Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve” 

Anne Hakim ’15, “Trekking the East African Rift Valley: A Geological Exploration of Oldoinyou Lengai”

Nina Halty ’17, “Redemocratization in Uruguay: The Dramatic Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of the Tupamaros”

Naya Herman ’16, “Creating Community by Fire”

Barbora Hanzalova ’17, “Engineering Research and Development Project, organized by the Engineers without Borders Colorado Springs Professional Chapter (EWBCOS)”

Mindy Huang ’15, “Research in Uganda for Project on Social Capital and Development in the Non-Profit Sector”

Abby Ispahani ’14 and Lauren Nelson ’14, “The Meaning of Disney: An Exploration of How Disney Mediates Social Interactions”

John Jennings ’17, “Experiencing Philosophy through Meditation at the Crestone Mountain Zen Center”

Savannah Johnson ’15, “Tiny Country, Big Gap: A Behind-the-Lens Exploration of Gender Politics in Liberia” 

Anna Kay ’15, Moving Out of the Museum: The Changing Functions of Contemporary Art in Colorado Springs”

Robert Kerr ’15, “The Legacy of Gabo and 100 Years of Solitude”

James Kiawoin ’15 and Morgan Wack ’15, "Impact of Footballing Academies in West Africa on Youth Education"

Isabella Killion ’14, “Travel to Belize, Nicaragua, and Panama to Conduct Research on Risk Management Policies of Outdoor Adventure Travel”

Isabel Leonard ’15 and Sarena Lesem ’15, “Travel to Peru to Trek and Create Field Journals”

Colleen Gong Leong ’16, “Are the Proteins of Genes 3389, 2639, 122, 258, 259, 260, 558, 666, 667, 786, 788, 2355, 2356, 2357, 2358, 2360, and 2855 of A. baylyi Bacteria Required for Normal Twitching Motility and Competence?”

Flora Liu ’15, “Comparing Surface Protein used for Twitching Motility and Natural Competence of Wild Type and Mutants of Acinetobacter Baylyi Bacterium”

Emma Longcope ’15, “Sense of Place in the West: An Exploration through Writings and Watercolors” 

Cora Lubchenco ’17, “Healthcare Disparities: A Comparative View through Volunteerism”

Claire Lukeman ’14, “Research in Turkey and Holland on the Shifting Meaning of the Tulip as it Moved between Cultures as Commodity”

Leeds Mallinckrodt-Reese ’14 and Taryn Wiens ’14, “Press West: Investigating and Reporting on Printing Presses in the Southwest”

Nathan Mankovich ’17, “The Colorado Trail: A Journey of Discovery”  

Josh Mares ’14, “Thermodynamic Examination of the Effect of Ion Binding on the TPP-binding Riboswitch A-C/A-C Bulge”

Megan Masuret ’14, “The Steps to Transformation: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis” 

Meredith Meeks ’14, “Fantasy vs. Reality: New Zealand as Manipulated and Experienced”

Adele Moss ’14, “Performance Sculpture in New Mexico Easter Celebrations” 

Jeffrey Munn ’16, “Exploring Modern Healthcare in Northern India”

Maia Murphy-Williams ’14, “The Effects of Ecotourism on Conservation in Costa Rica”

Eleanor Nesbit ’14, “A Comparative Analysis of Urban Planning in Brasilia’s Administration Regions”

Elizabeth Montaño ’15, “Christ Indigenized: The Pascua Yaqui Easter Ceremonies”

Alexander Norrod ’14, “Studying Dutch Jazz Performance and Improvisation in the Netherlands” 

Maeve O’Connor-Bethune ’15, “Where Do We Fit: The Intersections Between and Impact of National Identity and Politics on LGBTQ Activism and Experience in Northern Ireland and Wales”

Stephanie Olivas ’14 and Aditi Ramaswami ’14, “Understanding French Identity through Exploration of Museum Culture”

Andrew Post ’16, “My Grandmother’s Memories: Explorations in Family History through Poetry”

Lorenzo Pozzolini ’14, “Build furniture for the Art Department and Arts and Crafts”

Holly Pretsky ’16 and Alta Viscomi ’16, “Exploring Nature and Sense of Place in Mt. Desert Island, Maine”

Michael Raab ’16, “A Journey to the Past: Living with Subsistence”

Zane Randell ’14 and Sam Seiniger ’14, “Promoting Connection to Place and Environmental Stewardship on the Grand Canyon” 

Nina Riggio ’17, “Field Study of the California Mission Past through an Artistic and Historical Lens” 

Nicholas Roman ’16, “7,500 Miles by Foot: Chasing the ‘Triple Crown’ on the Continental Divide Trail” 

Kaleb Roush ’14, “Investigating Potential Factors that Affect Morphological in Acinetobacter baylyi

Chloe B.T. Rowse ’16, “Exploring the Resourceful Arts & Crafts of Women in India”

Rachel Seto-Templeton ’14, “The Question of Sanctity in the Contemporary Veneration of Saints in Latin America”

Ross Sherman ’15, “Water Chemistry in Fire Scar Areas”

Audrey Sileci ’15, “Teaching ‘Mindsets’ to Educators and Parents in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to Increase Academic Resilience in Students”

Radhika Singh ’15, “Narratives of the Separation Barrier: Politics in Art” 

Katherine Smith ’14, “Laura Gilpin: Explorations on a Western Photographer at the Amon Carter Museum”

Ada Sochanska ’14, “Sports Medicine in the Ancient World: Wrist Wraps and Olympic Boxing”

Natalie Stein ’15, “A Journalistic Inquiry: Education, Labor and Justice in Chicago” 

Thomas Stein ’15, “Zen Buddhism and Environmental Ethics”

Sarah Stockdale ’14, “State of the Rockies for KRCC”

Laura Sullivan ’16, “Applying Permaculture to Art at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors” 

John Swisher ’14, “Effects of More Variable Temperature on Snow Pack in Fallerones, Chile”

Henry Weaver ’16, “Artistic Development in the Local Colorado Springs Community”

Emma Whitehead ’16, “Politics and Pilgrimage: A Walk Through History on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela”

Nicole White '14, “Animal Treatment and Protection in China: An Examination of the Impact of Local Culture and Legislation on the Treatment of Pets in China” 

David T. Wright ’14, “Drink Local: A Case Study of Microbrewery Culture and Subculture in Colorado”

Brendan Young ’14, “The Barkley Marathons Thesis Film

Reed Young ’16, “An Exploration of the Cultural, Economic, and Environmental Connections within the Peabody Coal Mine"